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Thursday, October 2

VP Debate

This debate was entertaining...due to Sarah Palin. I thought she rocked the house, she certainly rocked me again, and that's coming from someone who actually got to shake her hand one day :)

I say she won the debate hands down. Her reality, her charisma, her plain talk is what our country is so hungry for. Her inexperience did show a bit, but the fact that she's aware of it and not afraid of it made that a non-event. Her comfort with taking Joe Biden on head on was a compliment to her strength and the fact that her gender matters not. She's ready for the task at hand in a man's world.

I thought Joe Biden tried too hard to not go after her as I think he really wanted to. However, if you thought Palin shined against his reserved behaviour, I think if he'd have taken it to a different level, Biden would have seen yet another advanced side of Palin...she can take it.

I was touched with Biden's emotion when mentioning his child. It was real, and as a parent so understood and our hearts were with him in that moment. I think it was appropriate that Palin didn't comment, console, or anything. She was right on to let the man have that moment and he deserved it.

I don't see reality at all when I listen to or see Obama or Biden with my eyes or ears. Possibly if I could just hear them I might see more reality, but looking at them...I see none from either when it comes to leadership. I can see human in Biden at least...I disagree with just about everything he says, but I do see his human side...Obama on the other hand...I just see a practiced orator, a robot, a fancy plastic android created from within. I don't think "someone" groomed Obama...I think he groomed himself, he will do anything and everything to win...and if he should win...all those of you who poured out your hearts and souls to make it happen will be yesterday's news.

I'll be the first to admit that when Obama first came on the scene...he had me from hello. I've even written stories on this blog about the possibility that I would possibly lean his way...at first... Well...then I began to listen...his great speeches...his mountain top experience effect on folks...it was moving. UNTIL...I began to realize that with all his orating...he wasn't saying anything. Barrack Hussein Obama's oral turned into anal. So...I suppose that I too could be categorized in that "I was for it until I was against it" group, I was just so happy to see someone a little younger that could actually make a speech!

I try to give them all a chance I guess...good thing Conservatisim is something that will just prevail over pretty paper wrapping and fancy bows every time. If Bush would have been a better orator, he'd have a better approval rating. He did a real fair job the first four years. He ran into hard times the last four and instead of having a Congress that backed him and tried to bring him up...they spent all their time winning their elections and bashing him to bring him down. They succeeded. They brought our President, our Country, and your well being and livlihoods to its knees, and all the while lined their own pockets, cost you billions, and thought you'd never notice.

I see Sarah Palin as a TRUE charasmatic persona. Her charisma comes from the heart not the playbook. I see the same passion in my current Congressman Dean Heller. The thing that makes me sad for both...is that Washington and more experience there might turn them. I pray not, I hope not, and for now I see in both that they are 100% believable and pure to date. I hope that if at which time either of them see the road impossible to walk or the goal impossible to attain because of too many that just won't concede or try to make them concede their principles...that either of them would be willing to walk away rather than to someday compromise their principle.

Tonight...my beef with Biden is this...STOP TALKING ABOUT THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION! Like Bush, hate Bush, whatever Bush...he's got 3 months left period. Let it go! You don't see us (Conservatives) carrying on and on about how Obama/Biden will just be more Clinton, Carter, or Johnson. Just because John McCain voted mostly on the side of Bush...so do the Democrats vote mostly on the side of their party. The fact that ANY MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OR SENATE ACTUALLY VOTED FOR THIS LATEST ECONOMIC BILL defies all logic and makes them all hypocrites! At least Palin has NEVER voted for ANYTHING in Washington. The Vice President has no voice there...but she's the only CLEAN candidate in this election! Let it go Obama campaign...More of the same is bullshit. With two different people whichever their party...it can't be more of the same...on some level it's different no matter what!

AND speaking on that tone...I left my mind open when the Democrats took over majority rule in Congress. I'm always going to hope that my side wins, but I'm willing to give any new majority a chance to prove themselves before I bash them. I have NOTHING good to say about our current Congressional majority leaders...NOTHING! Since the time they took over...THEY'VE DONE NOTHING! NOTHING IN TWO YEARS! It's quite frankly embarrassing that when they PROMISED so MUCH...they've done NOTHING but bicker with Republicans since they took over. Pelosi and Reid should be lynched and kicked out of the White House with the same fervor a big bouncer should throw an unruly bar patron into the street. They are both a disgrace to the word leadership!

Here's my BIG BEEF with BOTH candidates tonight. I saw SO MANY "open doors" within the conversation for either one of them to walk through...and neither had the cajones to walk through the little door. It bothered me. As they carried on and on about who voted for what and how many times one or the other's principal candidate voted which way...NEITHER CANDIDATE HAD THE BALLS TO SAY THE REAL REASON WHY!

I've been privy this year to actually be in the room with my Congressman on several occasions when many topics were discussed. Some will drill him about why he did NOT vote on particular bills that meant so much to his constituents. He will agree...those bills meant a LOT to him too...BUT AND HEAR ME HERE...it's the OTHER crap that's put in bills that have nothing to do with the bill's main issue...but just other crap...that is SO BAD he could NOT in good conscience vote for it on behalf of US...WE THE PEOPLE of Nevada. I respect that.

AND I've learned...the bigger heart strings that are pulled by a particular bill...the MORE crap they insert into it. If it's a bill likely to fail anyway because it was lame from the get go...hardly ANY crap is inserted. THAT'S EVIL...THAT'S WRONG... A bill should deal with only the issue at hand. NO BILL need be 450 pages long. There's nothing wrong with voting on 450 bills a few pages long and solving 450 problems...that would take no time at all! But ONE BILL 450 pages long should raise a red flag to EVERY AMERICAN and it's NOT NECESSARY and I could not believe that neither candidate said a word about PORK! They were both coached very well I suppose to hush up and what the people don't know won't hurt 'em!

I think personally it's a shame I didn't know who Sarah Palin was before she became VP candidate. I think she'd make the best #1 and I was a Romney/Thompson supporter and I think today after my research on her over the last weeks...if I'd have known who she was before...I'd have put her before either one of those men and I never was a great proponent of a woman in the top spot necessarily. I guess it's like the bachelor who's asked why he didn't marry...the right woman hasn't come along yet. We have the right woman in Sarah Palin I think.