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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Sunday, November 9

My Little Brother

I think I can speak for millions of women on earth...

Without a father or mother none of us comes. Without many years and decades of existence, none of us evolves. Our Fathers & Mothers raise us to be who we are, and they loved every minute of it. Our fathers too, love their sons :) Our Mothers too love their daughters and love their sons, BUT there is no relationship quite like that between a mother and a son, or a brother and a sister.

In a family where women are predominant, folks grow and more women come into the picture, and even other men.

When, in a family where three strong women that came before him, and boyfriends, husbands, nieces and nephews came between him and his own sometimes...the little brother...the youngest in a line of four... sometimes hails strong just because he keeps the balance and listens to his sisters rant on and on even into their 40's when he's ten years younger.

In case any of you lately have FORGOTTEN to just say hey to YOUR LITTLE BROTHER, let's give him a bit of praise today and to his wife and children that give up some of their time for chatty sisters to just call and go on and on.

For when a husband won't talk...a little brother ALWAYS WILL :) I LOVE MY LITTLE BROTHER :) For he lets me be chatty when my husband or my sons will tell me enough is enough, it's time to go to bed :) He's always there. And he's not just there for me...he has TWO other sisters to keep him up too late :)

I love his wife for letting us love him, even when we push the limit :) For Mothers know they would NEVER take on another task so important as a child wanting to talk, and the same goes for sisters to brothers...we have so little time to just sit and talk living so far apart...sometimes we just talk into infinity :)