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Tuesday, November 18

Pregnant Man Expecting Again

I'm going to try hard to make this post seem kind, but I don't think I can because this event is not kind to humanity. The photo came from ABC News, and the video link came from CNN News.

Journey of a Pregnant Man
Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who became famous as the "pregnant man," is seen here with his wife, Nancy Beatie, their daughter Susan Juliette Beatie, and ABC News' Barbara Walters.

"We are a man, woman and child," Thomas Beatie told Walters. "It's, it's ironic that we are so different but yet, we're just a family, just the same as anyone else."
(Steve Fenn/ABC)

All of us live with or/around gay or lesbian people and we are semi-tolerant of their choices in lifestyle because in day to day life, the effort to just bash or lash out at someone personally that has never wronged us keeps us sane for moments. I normally don't say much to them, but DAMN, when you bring innocent children into the picture that have no say in their destiny...I have to speak out for THEM.

I'm sorry...this is wrong on so many levels I think; and I think these children when growing up at some point when adults will have many issues and some vacancy of normalcy. Yep, anyone can say..."Who are YOU to say what's NORMAL?" I'm nobody, and I have no authority on normalcy...but I think life in general does. I am a Christian believer, not particularly practicing (as others would call normal)...but this just goes beyond anything I can comprehend as normal.

In THIS VIDEO these folks seem really sweet and well intending. I'm sure in their world and behind their own closed doors that they swung wide open to Larry King, they are normal in their minds. They are not.

I understand their love for each other, but it's an abomination. The husband is not "really" a man. She is not really a "he". It's a he/she. The wife is a woman, but since she chose this lifestyle with this person...she is simply a lesbian, she's not a wife. This "man" had breast surgery, and underwent harmone therapy. She took some drugs that made her grow facial hair, she cut her hair, and she had her tits removed...called it a day..."poof" she's a man.

The woman fell in love with he/she, had already had a hysteroctemy, and thus at some point conned a physician into letting them order sperm from a bank, take it home, and she placed in "he" the seed of a child via syringe. He/She gave birth to a daughter and our media has the nerve to say a MAN had a baby! THIS ISN'T A MAN! It's a half trans-gendered individual, lesbian wanna be man, and no matter how good his intentions are...or how much he loves his "wife" or she loves him...it's all a farce and our media is really stupid to think WE believe HE had a baby and is now going to have another one! She is having another baby with her lesbian lover thanks to a sperm bank.

Gay rights advocates should look closely here though...given all the raucus they've caused in our downtown streets lately over Proposition 8 in California! These people are actually considered legally married and legally parents. They have health insurance, property ownership, and all benefits granted to heterosexual individuals that ARE MARRIED. If you gays/lesbians want these rights...get some minor plastic surgery, take a few testerone pills/shots, cut your hair, and voila...you're now half everything, but wholly legal in the warped minds of individuals in power all across America. No wonder the foreigners always say, "America...what a country!" Aren't we something. We allow illegal people to have everything for free and we allow half people to be legally whole...aren't we a smart bunch of asshats?

I know in this country we have freedom of religion (or none) and I respect that and will always fight to keep freedom. But many religions look to the Bible for guidance. The same way Mr. & Mrs. He/She have the right to believe and say what they wish...so do I. I believe Leviticus, a book written by Moses. I am publishing the "New American Bible version" for those who need more literal copy, but if you would like to see the original, it's in the King James version of the Bible. Take heed to verse 22. The other verses are for any other imaginable freak out there that thinks they've found normalcy in their kum-ba-yah version of existance.

Leviticus Chapter 18:

1 The LORD said to Moses,

2 "Speak to the Israelites and tell them: I, the LORD, am your God.

3 You shall not do as they do in the land of Egypt, where you once lived, nor shall you do as they do in the land of Canaan, where I am bringing you; do not conform to their customs.

4 My decrees you shall carry out, and my statutes you shall take care to follow. I, the LORD, am your God.

5 Keep, then, my statutes and decrees, for the man who carries them out will find life through them. I am the LORD.

6 "None of you shall approach a close relative to have sexual intercourse with her. I am the LORD.

7 You shall not disgrace your father by having intercourse with your mother. Besides, since she is your own mother, you shall not have intercourse with her.

8 You shall not have intercourse with your father's wife, for that would be a disgrace to your father.

9 You shall not have intercourse with your sister, your father's daughter or your mother's daughter, whether she was born in your own household or born elsewhere.

10 You shall not have intercourse with your son's daughter or with your daughter's daughter, for that would be a disgrace to your own family.

11 You shall not have intercourse with the daughter whom your father's wife bore to him, since she, too, is your sister.

12 You shall not have intercourse with your father's sister, since she is your father's relative.

13 You shall not have intercourse with your mother's sister, since she is your mother's relative.

14 You shall not disgrace your father's brother by being intimate with his wife, since she, too, is your aunt.

15 You shall not have intercourse with your daughter-in-law; she is your son's wife, and therefore you shall not disgrace her.

16 You shall not have intercourse with your brother's wife, for that would be a disgrace to your brother.

17 You shall not have intercourse with a woman and also with her daughter, nor shall you marry and have intercourse with her son's daughter or her daughter's daughter; this would be shameful, because they are related to her.

18 While your wife is still living you shall not marry her sister as her rival; for thus you would disgrace your first wife.

19 "You shall not approach a woman to have intercourse with her while she is unclean from menstruation.

20 You shall not have carnal relations with your neighbor's wife, defiling yourself with her.

21 You shall not offer any of your offspring to be immolated to Molech, thus profaning the name of your God. I am the LORD.

22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; such a thing is an abomination.

23 You shall not have carnal relations with an animal, defiling yourself with it; nor shall a woman set herself in front of an animal to mate with it; such things are abhorrent.

24 "Do not defile yourselves by any of these things by which the nations whom I am driving out of your way have defiled themselves.

25 Because their land has become defiled, I am punishing it for its wickedness, by making it vomit out its inhabitants.

26 You, however, whether natives or resident aliens, must keep my statutes and decrees forbidding all such abominations

27 by which the previous inhabitants defiled the land;

28 otherwise the land will vomit you out also for having defiled it, just as it vomited out the nations before you.

29 Everyone who does any of these abominations shall be cut off from among his people.

30 Heed my charge, then, not to defile yourselves by observing the abominable customs that have been observed before you. I, the LORD, am your God."

God bless the children these two have brought into this world. I'm sure the extra testosterone fed to the first daughter will cause some effects, but the mentality in general makes me take great pause as to the mentality of those in the next generation responsible for us as we get old.

No matter HOW you personally believe; at least give me this...THERE ISN'T NOW, NOR HAS THERE EVER BEEN A PREGNANT MAN...no matter what the media tells you! Just because you call her a man...the fact that she still has a vagina and a uterus and can give birth...HE'S A WOMAN!

I have no personal beef with these people other than biblical abomination...and I wish them as well as someone like me far on the other side of their fence could, but I'm sorry...WRONG!!!


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely horrible. This man identifies with the male gender, and he wanted to provide his wife with a child. He is legally registered as a man and is addressed as a man. So maybe you should think about what you say before spewing it all over the internet.