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Saturday, November 1

Thematic Photographic - Darkness

My buddy Carmi hosts Thematic Photographic. Since we are all drowned in political crap these days, we'll call him Carmi the Canadian :) instead of Joe the Plumber :) I've been participating for a while off and on, and it's amazing for people with a bug for pictures :)

CARMI HAS TAUGHT US ALL...that it's not necessarily always the BEST photo that matters, but even cool crazy things we've shot is interesting.

This week's theme is darkness which fit perfectly with Halloween :) AND, I'm going to choose for my post this week one of the CRAPPIEST photos I've ever taken, but it was ODD and SPOOKY and I CANNOT EXPLAIN IT! I don't know enough about REAL photography and how things happen to explain that while we all know there is only ONE moon, I got THREE in my picture, more like TWO and an odd reflection :) CLICK ON PHOTO to see the odd jagged edges in the original moon, it's reflection and the "twin" that mirrored it on the left. THE OTHER MOON wasn't there...just showed up in my crappy photo...but cool nonetheless :)

Grainy, poor, unfocused...but I thought it was cool and Carmi has taught us all to put 'em all out there. Photo buffs like to see crap sometimes too :) We'll call this one "The Blurry Moon", and we'll dedicate it to Carmi and his Thematic Photographic :) Also...I've mentioned that we just moved this past June...I dug out my external hard drive tonight to get some REALLY GOOD dark photos I've shot...the stinker acts dead! I still have backups on a laptop...but too much headache for Halloween Night :)