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Sunday, December 14

Playboy Virgin Mary

I am really sick and tired of whichever side of the over analyzed side of a fence that is continually shoved up my rear end and attempted to be forged into my psyche!

I do consider myself a Christian. I believe in our Lord and Saviour and everything that goes along with Him. I also understand the secular side of life.

This "so called" offensive Playboy cover shot of a "so called" Virgin Mary, and those coming undone about the photograph are STUPID! It's nothing more or less than any OTHER Playboy cover photo in history. This is merely a beautiful woman wrapped in a white sheet pretending to be some dream gal. Same as any other Playboy cover in history!

This woman in NO WAY resembles to ME a virgin Mary, or any other virgin. HELLOOOOO! If your half naked self is on the cover of Playboy...it has NOTHING to do with Christianity. TRUE Christian girls, or those worried about their purity and reputation DON'T wrap a table cloth around their bare breasts as to CONFUSE the PUBLIC! So... the over doers need to STOP making it seem so as do all the OTHER media SPIN folks with the rest of the news.

Get a GRIP MEDIA! You aren't fooling ANYONE with your nonsense...even though it's ONLY about the BILLIONTH time you've tried to do so.

Hot woman wrapped in an elegant table cloth, or a Wal-Mart sheet DOES NOT A VIRGIN MARY MAKE! WE THE PEOPLE know better...so should YOU! And...since Playboy has made their trillions portraying half naked women willing for money to pose in such a manner...should cue YOU "other" folk into knowing that it is what it is...and if you are offended...DON'T BUY THE FREAKING MAGAZINE!

The "rest of us" wouldn't HAVE EVEN KNOWN she... "she...the offensive"virgin" Mary" even existed but for YOU THE MEDIA pushing it in our faces! Smart people are capable and even willing to NOT LOOK and NOT BUY such magazines.

HOW DARE YOU THE MEDIA try to tell "US" that a paid hussy is any more than she is! I doubt Playboy Magazine has EVER had a virgin on the cover! Only gold-diggers! AND...if you ask me...Playboy KNOWING what kind of business they are in are pussies (pun INTENDED) for publishing and speaking an apology!

If you are in the business of photographing hussies on book covers...then admit it, own it , and be proud of it since that's YOUR business.

If WE THE PEOPLE might be "offended"...then so be it. WE HAVE THE CHOICE (at least today) to NOT LOOK, NOT PARTICIPATE!