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Tuesday, December 2

Slow Hand - I Was Mistaken...Wrong

Nobody needs to know what old folks do in their private time; but I happened to make a misplaced comment while we were chatting over TV about such things and how Hubby should do it like Eric Clapton said he should...you know...the man with the slow hand.

I was immediately faced with laughter and my dear KC told me that Eric Clapton knew NOTHING about the Slow Hand excepting he had an album named that. I laughed too and promised him that FOR SURE it was Clapton that sang it.

ME...being the "know it all" obnoxious chick I can be, set out to PROVE him wrong.

He was RIGHT, and I have videos to prove it. You have NO IDEA how much it pains a woman to admit failure...but when you have a blonde moment you should admit it.

Eric Clapton DID have this album, but the Pointer Sisters sang the song...and in public and on the World Wide Web...I admit I was WRONG :)

That's why I love ya baby...you are a "stuff knower" and in this case I'm proud to admit "failure".

THANKS JC from A Time & Place for the comment:) Conway Twitty did a FINE job too :)