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Tuesday, January 20

Barack Obama Inauguration

Well, it's over. We have inaugurated the 44th President of the USA. I'm trying so hard to keep my happy and positive face on and hope for the best, but the facts keep stabbing me like sharp knives and pokers as I sit in a pool of paint thinner.

I found a couple of things disturbing as I watched the "festivities" today. Since when during any inauguration is the new First Lady NOT arm and arm with her husband at all times? Am I the only one that noticed Barack Obama had his woman sitting behind him...or coming out before him...and then again behind him...and only with him for a brief moment at the moment of oath? I found that odd and disturbing. I find that odd a lot with Barack H. Obama. He has a knack of always walking into a situation or a place all alone with that overly ME auora about him. I find it creepily narcissistic.

I realize he flubbed the oath. The gentleman giving it flubbed too. This observation has nothing to do with that...as I don't judge folks in an extremely emotional moment that get tongue tied and have a goof...we are all human. BUT...as I listened to Joe Biden's oath...it was read by his orator perfectly, and he quoted back the oath as it should be. Is it just me...or did any of you find it odd that Barack Hussein Obama did NOT swear in his inaugural oath to defend this nation against enemies both foreign and domestic. That's like one of the hugest parts of the whole oath! I find that eerie that he ommitted that from his oath and I also find it UNAMERICAN!

I guess we'll see. I'm trying to be positive, but this man makes it hard. I do wish him the best, but more than ANYTHING I just hope SOMEONE in the next four years will remember that we...WE THE PEOPLE are still out here waving frantically hoping that someone again might notice US. It's become so all about THEM in Washington...it feels to me like it's THEM up there, and WE down here are just little trolls that meander around cluttering up the countryside while they carry on their own personal agendas on our dime.

God Bless America