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Thursday, February 19

What If ? The Liberals Ask Me

I've been asked a lot lately by those who still adore Obama and the "Change" machine..."So, what do you think would be different now, or what do you think would be happening right now if John McCain would have been elected? Do you really think "it" would be any different?" So many in fact have asked, I felt compelled to answer back something at least.

I've never said I thought John McCain would have made a great president. I openly stated all through the election that it was a hold your nose and vote year. I openly stated my opinion that I didn't vote for John McCain strictly to uphold my "sacred position" as a Republican, but more so because ANYONE almost would have been better than Barack Hussein Obama.

First off, I'd like to say to my liberal friends, relatives, or acquaintances that ask...if you are even inclined to ASK me the what if question...doubt is already seeding itself within you. If your Obama was so great and good, and the change you are seeing is what you thought you were going to get by casting that vote...then you would certainly have the last laugh and you would NOT be asking what if?...you would be saying I TOLD YOU SO :) That's not happening amongst any liberals I see daily.

Honestly, we'll never know the true answer to what if McCain/Palin would have won...they didn't. My answer to what if really can't be placed upon the shoulders of McCain, I didn't have a lot of faith in him either...especially with Pelosi & Reid in tow leading a highly liberal Congress, and McCain showing signs of RINO virus from time to time. Oh, he sings a blingy tune NOW, but prior to election...he was a little too willing to go along to get along if you ask me.

My answer to WHAT IF lies within all of us. It's an easy answer...it's an answer that bears no light on any party lines, titles, factions, race, creed, or affiliations. It only speaks to one simple philosophy, and that is common sense mixed with the basic first grade math. Two plus two will always equal four, and if it's hot...don't touch it.

I'm really sick and tired of everybody playing the blame game. I'm so tired of the media being so high on sensationalism, ratings, and dumb logic that I have to restrain myself on a daily basis from throwing a brick through my 50" 1080I HD widescreen television I worked so hard to finally afford! I'm sick and tired of not seeing color in normal and responsible individuals only to have the media or some whacked out liberal throw race in my face everytime somebody speaks an opinion not favorable to anybody who whines down and out while those same people are exhuming exhorbatant amounts of energy to NOT handle business, morals, or life in general in their own lives so that they may continue to take my money and yours to remain dependant on the government or community programs and not have to just live responsibally! When I slam, dis, talk shit about, or otherwise demean some lazy individual that lives in the slums, barios, or other impoverished neighborhoods...I'm sick and tired of the media and liberal moonbats assuming I'm speaking of or look down upon black, hispanic, blue, purple, or any other race! There's as much white trash living like this as there are people of "color". RESPONSIBLE, HARD WORKING, MORAL INDIVIDUALS HAVE NO COLOR...GET IT FOLKS?

Here's the answer to ALL this mess plain and simple. It's easy folks. Shut up, read three documents, LIVE AND DIE by those three documents, speak English, and learn some simple grade school math. NO is a simple word, only two letters, and EVERYONE needs to learn it, embrace it, live it, and accept it without question...all the way from the highest top to the lowest bottom. No means no. DONE...life is good, we all prosper, and America once again becomes the greatest nation on earth in the eyes of the globe. We already know it is...but we're giving it away, throwing it away, and wallowing in unnecessary misery.

Shut Up: The media should just report news, plain & simple. Truth is news, speculation and/or opinion is not news. For every bad thing they have to report, they should also find good things to report. True news is not up for discussion, deliberation, supposition, or judgment. State the facts good bad or indifferent and move on.

Three Documents: The Ten Commandments - whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Athiest, or Agnostic...it's a good document. Pretend those 10 rules had nothing to do with religion...they actually don't...except it's tied to Jesus bringing it down from a mountain on a tablet. They are good rules, follow them. The United States Constitution - It's a great document and should be left alone - it's not up for debate - amendments do come on rare occasion, but it shouldn't be considered a living document up to the whims of flowing tides or fad phases. The Bill of Rights - this document covers everybody no matter their origination, it stands good as it is if followed.

Live & Die: If Americans of all walks of life and all races knew as much about these three documents and cared as much about them as they do the trivial things in life like Survivor, Desperate Housewives, local gossip, their so called entitlements and what's "due them" for breathing, or spending their last dime on what they want instead of what they need...Americans would learn to LIVE and would enjoy life to its fullest. If Americans were willing to DIE to abide by and preserve every word of the three documents instead of being willing to DIE because they are in a gang and someone in the neighborhood wore the wrong color shirt...or willing to DIE before they would take something they hadn't earned then we'd have no bad economy or failing systems. The liberal mentality is a lazy mentality. Only truly afflicted or elderly people should be taken care of and have our wealth on any scale redistributed to them. Those not willing to learn, work, climb, and try should get no hand outs. What you can earn, what you can achieve is measured by what you are willing to do...period.

Speak English: No matter where you came from, or where you might go...SPEAK ENGLISH! If you can speak another language at home GREAT! The more languages you know the more doors are open to you and the smarter you are. But, in America...speak ENGLISH. If you came here from somewhere else...welcome friends...sign in, take the test, become a citizen or at least have the proper credentials to be here, i.e. green card, visa, or diplomatic legality...period...no exceptions! Oh yeah...that is a law isn't it...that one doesn't get inforced though...jay-walking on the other hand will land you a hefty ticket on a busy street in a second.

Grade School Math: 2+2=4. If you don't have it in your pocket, or in your bank account you can't spend it. If you are given credit and you don't pay the payments...you lose it and don't get to borrow anymore. No pay - No Have. No Work - No Pay. No Save - No Security - No Future. It's your choice.

No MEANS NO!: Don't be behind on bills but have enough money to be seen at the local restaurant eating out or at the bar spending $5 per beer. Lenders & Credit institutions should play by the same rules. Don't give money to people that won't give it back to you. IF you do...YOU eat the loss! Not my fault you made a bad business decision. Do it enough times...guess what...out of business plain & simple. Losers must be allowed to lose. There's no shame in having less than the guy next to you. Have what you can afford and be happy with it. If you are a bad business man and can't manage your business, or there wasn't enough business to keep it going...close the doors and hold your head high. Losing is what leads people to win, they have something then to compare it to. This notion that EVERYBODY is entitled to the same things is hogwash! YOU are only entitled to what YOU make for yourself. We all start with nothing...even the rich you think inherited their wealth. At some point, we all have nothing until either someone leaves it to us, gives it to us, or we earn it. You'll be best served to consentrate on the latter :) Folks that get it given to them should get it from someone who made the choice to do so. Government shouldn't be giving anyone anything...it's we the people that give of ourselves to the government...so we the people should be the only ones able to tell them how to spend it! People should give, communities should give, and all of free will and choice. The government should govern not give.

Our founding fathers set government up to have a mere three purposes. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The executive should execute and oversee the other two branches and govern the military. Legislative was designed to make few laws to keep a large nation basically on the same page. It was NEVER designed to control the people, protect the people from themselves, nor have say on the way we live our lives, or spend our money. The judicial is in place to make sure the laws are followed, not to decide loopholes on how we can manipulate the law.

Free market principles in business and life are all that will work. If the government would leave it all alone...the markets will correct themselves after the failing and criminal fall by the wayside. It's government intervention and regulation that caused the mess and they want us to believe they are the only ones that can fix it. As an individual when you do business with someone or become friends with someone and they screw you over...you never do business or associate with that person or business again. After a business screws enough people over, they either have to close due to lack of business or they correct their ways and build again. Bad friends either apologize and repent, or they lose friends and end up all alone. Either way, life goes on and good wins over evil. When that natural process is prevented from occuring, good and evil end up in a whirlwind and circular pattern that never gets better, but downward spirals like water going down a drain.

Common sense people...that's all we need. The majority of you voted for Barack Obama. You loved him so much, you think his Socialist mentality will save you. Good luck with that, and thanks for screwing the rest of us over that have been carrying all of you for years...protecting YOUR rights...fighting for YOU to have the ability to be whatever you wanted to be.

Conservative people get a bad rap because we demand the same from everyone. We fight for you to be FREE to do whatever you want to do...or not do. BUT...if you choose the NOT side...we don't judge you...we just refuse to carry you and pay your way! THAT'S why common sense and conservative values are bombarded in the media and within liberal circles. Conservatism demands effort, self discipline, morality, responsibility, and repercussions.

It's that little repercussion part the liberals aren't willing to buy into. When you remove repercussion, then control and dependence becomes easy for your liberal wealthy narcissist power mongers to achieve. The liberals always claim to be on the side of the poor and downtrodden. They elect liberal officials because those officials promised them change and a better way. Yet...with EVERY LIBERAL official without fail...the poor remain poor and nothing changed. But, the words were pretty and you at least conned yourselves into thinking they tried.

WHAT IF YOU TRY? What if YOU quit listening to the crap and quit drinking the Kool-Aid of liberalism and socialism? What if all of you hold your government accountable for the lies they tell you. READ the bills in congress! Go online and STUDY what is actually going on. It's all right there for you to read...they don't even HIDE the blatent butt screwing they are giving you. But they make nice speeches on TV about change and crisis and doom and gloom and horror. They tell you on TV that without them...you will die on the vine.

You're not dead until the dirt or the fire of the oven hits your cold stiff carcass! There's no doom and gloom. Because THEY preach it to you and YOU believe it...then it's so...and so the markets fail... Have you noticed that on the free market...the true capitalist free enterprise market... that everytime Obama opens his mouth...the market drops a few hundred points? What if you call bullshit on the whole thing and go out and live your life. When a President makes a speech on TV (that somebody ELSE wrote for him) and makes a point to say the word CRISIS over 27 times...that should be a HUGE red flag to anybody.

What if John McCain would have won? I don't know. I know I'm not going to lose. I may end up with not much money, I may end up with no business, and I suppose I could end up not owning a home...but I'm NOT going to lose. To quote the common sentiment lately...the peasants are about ready to pick up the pitch forks...hope you have one ;)