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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Friday, March 27

Michael Steele's Lame Survey

I got an e-mail tonight from Michael Steele. "He" told me he was "so very interested" in my opinions about where the Republican party needed to go.

The questions were obviously canned...stupid lame questions...(if you are a Conservative). True Conservatives ALREADY believe EVERY thing in the questions. The only people that wouldn't score 100% on this test would be liberals...so WHY bother us with the survey? Oh yeah...there was a plea to donate MORE MONEY at the end.

I just cannot be a lady anymore and maintain my composure with these RINO moonbats! My own party was ALL JAZZED that Michael Steele won as the new RNC chairman. Sorry...so far...he LOST me at hello...and he hasn't done a THING to really impress me yet. At least he DID have the grace to leave a comment section (in the middle) of the survey. Go figure...I just couldn't help myself...I told him what I think!

Folks...this nation isn't all that far away from another Civil War! Conservatives are PISSED! We aren't going to stand for a leader that cannot lead. Lead, Follow, or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

My response to Michael Steele:

Mr. Steele...your response that your "whatever" with Rush Limbaugh was STRATEGIC? Are you freaking kidding us? WE NEED A LEADER! We need somebody NOT AFRAID of what others think. Your opinion of what others think is LED by the MEDIA & LIBERALS! WE THE PEOPLE...REMEMBER US? We are pissed, and we are READY TO FIGHT...bring on the fighting words. That liberal said we are a nation of COWARDS.

MR STEELE...IF YOU DON'T COME OUT WITH MORE FIGHTING WORDS, AND REAL MEANING...YOU ARE THE COWARD. I don't know if you realize it or not... but this nation is not that far away from another civil war if somebody like you cannot bring this nation back to true principle and the values, laws, and constitutional backbone our nation was founded upon.

DON'T BE THAT GUY that allowed another civil war to happen. WE THE PEOPLE WON'T LET YOU REIGN IN POWER if you cannot say it like it is!

AND...I see the next question in this poll. ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU want me to comment on the fact that 25% of people WANT MORE SOCIALISM? If ONE FREAKING PERSON wants socialism...THAT'S TOO MANY!

Are you a RINO too Mr. Steele?

AS a matter of fact...ALL THESE QUESTIONS seem "canned"...OBVIOUSLY WE'RE ALL CONSERVATIVES...and these answers are a "NO DUH" response.

These questions aren't going to tell you a THING about TRUE CONSERVATIVES...we're going to answer ALL these canned questions RIGHT & RED. However...I did say that our troops should fight our terrorists first and foremost...BUT THAT'S BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME THE OPTION IN YOUR CANNED QUESTIONS TO CHOOSE BOTH TERRORISTS AND ILLEGALS POURING INTO OUR COUNTRY! GEEZZZEEZZS Steele...how about a question that supports ENFORCING THE FREAKING LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE before we go and create NEW ones! Are you OK in the head?

The REAL QUESTION is HOW are YOU as our RNC leader going to DEAL with it? You need to step up Mr. Steele. Be one of us or get off the wagon and let someone more like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, or the like take over for you. The LAST THING THE RNC NEEDS is a limp minded, no balls, play the ends against the middle leader.

Grow a nut Mr. Steele...the rest of us already have them!

By the way...I'm one of those "little small business owners". I only employ 22 people...BUT TAKE CARE OF FREE MARKETS AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR ALREADY! The ink wasn't even dry on Obama's bills and my taxes have already gone up!

Wednesday, March 25

Mayors Bob Cashell & Geno Martini Are TRAITORS

As if the Republican Party doesn't have enough on its plate to revive Conservative principle and fiscal responsibility...we in Reno and Sparks Nevada have to hear of this traitorous action by OUR OWN REPUBLICAN MAYORS!

We find out, courtesy of the Ralston Flash - that before Republicans even know who their candidate is going to be against U.S. Sen. Harry Reid next year that two Republican mayors - Reno Mayor Bob Cashell and Sparks Mayor Geno Martini - are helping him raise money for his re-election campaign. Check out the invitation HERE

"McDonald-Carano-Wilson, LLP and Reno Mayor Bob Cashell and Sparks Mayor Geno Martini and Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell Invite YOU to a recption honoring Senator Harry Reid United States Senate Majority Leader Wednesday April 15th, 2009 5:00pm - 6:00pm. McDonald Carano Wilson Law Firm / 100 West Liberty, 10th Floor / Reno, NV 89501. $500 Suggested Minimum Contribution / $2000 Suggested Federal PAC Contribution. "Checks Payable to 'Friends for Harry Reid' " For more information, please contact Chris Anderson at (218)-340-5564 or chris@harryreid.com" Contributions or gifts to Friends for Harry Reid are not tax deductible. Paid for and authorized by Friends for Harry Reid."

Coincidentally, the Cashell/Martini fundraiser for Harry Reid is being held in Reno on the exact same night as the Nevada Republican Party's spring Central Committee meeting in Carson City. I guess the Republican mayors won't be able to make the Republican meeting.

I am appalled and disgusted. The "DIS-honorable" Stinky Pinky Harry Reid has already done ENOUGH to screw the nation...and if the bail-outs to the tune of TRILLIONS weren't enough, he only managed to get a mere 1.5 Billion in bail out stimulus dollars for HIS home state of Nevada...most of which were projects and funding for bullshit items. He's a one man demolition crew for the demise of the Yucca Mountain Nuclear project that could raise billions for our state, and he is a socialist encouraging Barack Obama at every turn to wallow all Americans into decades of debt. This man is the scurge of Nevada and your Washington DC.


Harry Reid is to America what leprosy was to the islands years ago. He is a cancerous sore, a gangrene smelling lecherous nastiness to any citizen of this nation. He is the largest embarrassment to Nevada that we've had in years, and his agenda is tainted.

Tainted is the kindest thing I could ever say about this moron, and I CANNOT BELIEVE my own Republican leaders, our mayors are supporting him for a MINIMUM $500 donation / SUGGESTED PAC donation of $2000 to attend a function to raise money in Reid's honor.

Mayor Bob Cashell, Mayor Geno Martini...your days are finely numbered now. Your constituents WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS...so get your resumes' ready! You're gonna be looking for a new job come re-election time! Your traitorous, and treasonous!

And to think...this "honorable reception function" will be held ON THE SAME NIGHT as the Spring Republican Committee meeting in our capitol of Carson City! Since you're SO BUSY that night, we'll all be at that meeting planning YOUR demise :) With pleasure :)

The republicans of Nevada equate Mayor Bob Cashell's & Mayor Geno Martini's willingness to spend $2000 for one hour at a law firm with the co-largest moron in the nation (Nancy Pelosi shares that honor) to a blatent punch in our guts, one at a time and each mortally wounded.

Bye Bye Mayors :)

Sunday, March 8

R.J. Lloyd Rest In Peace

I've been pondering the news today that Uncle RJ passed, and as I was checking my e-mail...my dear niece Rhonda actually had already done a post :)

YES...Uncle RJ at 92 was a great man. So great, that tears don't come as heaven will be such a greater place with him there! This was a man so impressive to me as a child, and so impressive to generations to come as I grew older and had children of my own and watched many generations pass through his life...all I could ever do in his honor would be not to cry...but celebrate the amazing life this man lived!

R.J. Lloyd was named that by his parents. Many years ago when joining the service he was asked to give a name to those initials...he said there wasn't any...but the military insisted...so Robert James it was, and he said it on the spot. RJ served during the Normandy tour! (amongst others), but he saw great combat and great loss of life. He had many stories and articles and even a box of photos that I'm sure the likes of Time magazine or Life, or any other publication would have loved to get their hands on...he wouldn't have it. He quietly called it his horror box, he would NEVER show me, and I was VERY close to him for years. I know the box saw the light of day...but ONLY at private Veterans memorials or reunions and I'm not sure even his wife knew everything that was in that box of horror.

My Uncle RJ was FUNNY! He had a sense of humor that would leave you just wishing you lived with him just to have one more day to hear his laugh and his take on life. He was a very reasonable man, an honest man, and a MAN that every woman alive would love to have for their own. He loved his wife Mary with the kind of love that is only heard of in fairy tales. He loved her, respected her, worshiped her, and cared for her in a way no person I know personally has ever experienced :) In the dictionary next to love and romance would be his photo :)

I never knew a bigger man. He was not great in stature, but his persona and his beliefs, and the way he LIVED what he believed made him the tallest and largest man alive :) He was so kind. He loved this nation and LOVED to have served as a soldier and he served when being a soldier was a split second any moment away from life or death. He survived and no one knows how. He wouldn't tell us, but most of his compatriots around him met horrible deaths fighting for our country's freedom! His life after service was a miracle, and he lived each day of his life thereafter in miraculous form.

Karma is a strange thing. I on rare occasion would send a card or letter to him back home. And just last night...I'm not sure if I was thinking of him on my way to sleep or I just dreamed of him...but just this morning...I checked my address book and jotted myself a note to send him a card or a letter and just let him know I was thinking of him. I've been gone from home since 1986. I got the call today while out to lunch that he had passed. He came and said a mental hello to me on his way out, and I'm celebrating his dinner tonight with Jesus :)

Uncle RJ used to sit with me in the yard for hours and we would shell black-eyed peas and ponder the world's problems, and he was always funny and always had good answers. He was kind to my kids, and loved both my husbands through the years with grace and humor. I never knew anyone that didn't hold RJ in high regard, especially his wife Aunt Mary.

Tonight...if you hear a little raucus outside in the skies...it's a PARTY :) Uncle RJ and Aunt Mary have re-united in heaven, and life is good for the both of them. RIP to the best Great Uncle a gal could ever have. Thanks for your service to this nation, and thanks for the memories and the greatest inspiration on many levels he gave me as a young girl that I was able to carry into adulthood even to my current age of 46 ;)

It's a rare person that has so much influence on your life...you need not have seen them in years but yet still carry them with you daily :) I was a lucky person to have known RJ Lloyd, and even luckier to have been related to him :)

Wednesday, March 4

Nevada Taxation Committee Meets TOMORROW!

It's no secret that we're sadly DOWN in our budgets for the upcoming year. HOWEVER, we CAN cut where needed and still fund many other needed functions of our county or State government. Folks NEED to remind themselves of the VAST distinction of what's WANTED versus WHAT'S NEEDED!

Our legislature in Carson City is now a majority of Liberal and spend freak individuals. Marilyn Kirkpatrick is one that allegedly mentioned that on March 5th, Washoe County MUST be represented at the table as (paraphrased) "we're coming after it". When asked just "what" they're coming after regarding higher taxes and spending...in open session in Carson City...she said..."all of it".

Our State, like our nation is NOT being represented in the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE! Allegedly, Peggy Pierce ALSO a Lib from Vegas (I can't find the alleged Sam Shad Show interview video to prove it) and also testifying before the taxation committee said that hundreds of her constituents have moved here from California and just haven't gotten the level of services they expected from the State of Nevada and NOW "THEY" are ready for tax increases!

Just me, little 'ole Conservative talking here...but how many of those "said constituents" do you think are actually the ONES PAYING into the tax bracket that are providing "said services". I moved here from Texas in 1986 off a cotton farm and with little more than minimum wage to get me here with no help! I moved away in '92 and back again in 1996 ;) I can't say ENOUGH GOOD about Nevada and how the State has performed for me!

I AM a constituent! I AM NOT ready for tax INCREASES for ANY service the State of Nevada provided me! I appreciated the discounted vaccination fees I found on 9th street for my children that ANYONE can get, and I'm appreciative of how as a single mother struggling in 1986 my Nevada "services" told me as a casino dealer "I didn't make LITTLE ENOUGH money at minimum wage + tips to GET any help"...and quite frankly when I was down on my luck I'm VERY HAPPY (truthfully) that all this "supposed" "service" from my state DIDN'T exist when I desperately needed it.

I'm now a proud Nevada business owner and employ 22 people of which 2 include myself and my husband. I'M PROUD THAT WHEN I HAD NO PLACE TO TURN... AND NO HELP WAS GIVEN...MY NEVADA STATE SERVICES TAUGHT ME HOW TO MAKE IT ON MY OWN! They wanted me to FAIL in order to DESERVE any help. Well...they gave me none and guess what? I beat their mentality and I SUCCEEDED! Screw ANYBODY that tells you they haven't "found in Nevada" the "services" they were expecting from some other state!

I've never received ANY service from ANY state, and I've lived on little or less more than one time in my life since I've been an adult. BUT the times in my life that I literally COULD NOT get to the next day...my community and my "stranger" friends DID HELP me. Communities will ALWAYS help those that cannot. Taxes will not change that.

We in Nevada need to ELIMINATE excessive governmental intervention into matters that would better be served by our VOLUNTEERISM, our faith based or intellectual based folks & citizens that would take up many of our services in a second! IF we leave the government and our general funds OUT of the equation...we'll find MORE help and BETTER control than we would or should expecting the legislature to MANDATE it!

Possible library closures or cut hours are an example. VOLUNTEERS will keep the library's open. Planned Parenthood is another good Nevada example. Since suggesting that governmental general funds shouldn't be a focus there...guess what? Over 3 million of that expense has been taken on by folks that just had Planned Parenthood as "their particular cause". Folks will FUND services...everybody's got their thing...be it the homeless, the down trodden, or WHATEVER, we donate and fund what whatever some folks care about! The government doesn't need to! FOLKS - CITIZENS - COMMUNITIES - IDEALISTS - we all have a dollar or two...WE THE PEOPLE can manage our own STATES! Government just needs to GET OUT OF THE WAY!

WRITE ALL OFFICIALS in Nevada NOW about the meeting tomorrow! Many will vote for no increases...but send the SAME MESSAGE TO ALL! Here's HOW :)

Nevada Sales & Use Tax Punished ME

I'm truly offended as a small business owner and regular taxpayer of Nevada. I feel like someone said to me, "Malinda...you're a good girl. Now GO STAND IN THE CORNER WITH YOUR NOSE IN A CIRCLE UNTIL JUNE! You're grounded until June 30th young lady! Thank you for being a good girl."

For those businesses that pay their Sales Tax bill early or on time...we've always been given a little smidgen back as a discount or tax cut. On average, it would give back about a $30.00 rebate on a $6000.00 bill. On the other hand...if you're EVEN ONE DAY late...the penalty is about $120.00. Now...I agree that penalties should be stiff for late payers, I've been OK with that standard we have...just thankful for ANY tax cut :)

The following was in my Sales & Use Tax bill for last month.

"IMPORTANT NOTICE: The State of Nevada has enacted temporary legislation intended to address the current budget issues for the remainder of FY 2009. These measures include a reduction in the Collection Allowance authorized for taxpayers who collect and remit certain taxes in a timely manner. Taxes affected are Sales Tax, Liquor Excise Tax for Sales to Consumers, Liquor Excise Tax, Other Tobacco Products Tax and Cigarette Tax. The collection allowance for these tax types will be reduced from .5% to .25% for the period beginning on January 1, 2009 , and for the period ending on June 30, 2009."

Another prime example of punishing the good and rewarding the bad. WHY did they cut my praise for paying on time in half...but didn't increase the penalties for those who don't pay in time or at all? I just don't understand the logic of the government!

Sunday, March 1

Rush Limbaugh CPAC

As much as we all know President Obama is a brilliant man and a great speaker...I never got a "tingle" up my leg as some did when he spoke. That is because I listened to WHAT he was saying.

I by accident caught Rush Limbaugh's keynote address to the CPAC conference today, and I must admit...my leg did tingle.

As a true Conservative I believe with my life that all of you are free to believe what you want and to side with who you wish. As for me...I WAS INSPIRED!

I was reminded that I have a great life! I was reminded that in all my bitching and complaining sometimes over anything that has happened over the last 30 years...I have it good, and I really DO have good people around me :) In my political activism I sometimes get down because I think I have no voice...I DO...WE DO...not everything happens in a day...but right always wins.

If you watched that speech or listened to it in its intirety, and then you cannot understand that Conservatism is the backbone of the USA and all of what the founding fathers intended for us... then I'm sorry... We'll never tell you "I told you so"...for we won't have to. When we no longer have anything to give to you...and you cannot believe there is no more...as you sat idly by believing with all your heart that someone somewhere was going to come and save you...then you may sit idly by with all of us when there might be no more hope or change.

As for me...I'm going to pick up my bitching butt and go forward. I'm going to remind myself of my own favorite quote that was given to me by the ex-producer of the late great Credence Clearwater Revival band when I dealt cards to him one night across a blackjack table in Reno, and he was of age 80 something.

Grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. It's greenest where it's watered. Stay home and water your grass :) I intend to water my grass and be thankful I have a large yard to water :) Nothing is perfect but some things are damn close, and I choose what's been damn close for over a decade at least in my life, or even longer :) I apologize to myself for ever thinking on a whim or a drink that anything would be any different :) I apologize to myself that it took me this long to give up the past, and know...that it's only right now and what we can believe that matters sometimes. Conservitism IS NOT DEAD...our mistakes die, our idioscryncies may last moments, but our core values and our core people last through anything. I'm gonna go hug mine, my kids, my companies, and my beliefs, and my husband...I'm going to LIVE my life and be HAPPY that I have a good one :)

Rush...thanks for inspiring me again to be steadfast and accomplished :) Thanks for inspiring me to realize what I have and NEVER BITCH about what I don't have...for it's ONLY MY choices and MY ACTIONS that determine such.