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Friday, March 27

Michael Steele's Lame Survey

I got an e-mail tonight from Michael Steele. "He" told me he was "so very interested" in my opinions about where the Republican party needed to go.

The questions were obviously canned...stupid lame questions...(if you are a Conservative). True Conservatives ALREADY believe EVERY thing in the questions. The only people that wouldn't score 100% on this test would be liberals...so WHY bother us with the survey? Oh yeah...there was a plea to donate MORE MONEY at the end.

I just cannot be a lady anymore and maintain my composure with these RINO moonbats! My own party was ALL JAZZED that Michael Steele won as the new RNC chairman. Sorry...so far...he LOST me at hello...and he hasn't done a THING to really impress me yet. At least he DID have the grace to leave a comment section (in the middle) of the survey. Go figure...I just couldn't help myself...I told him what I think!

Folks...this nation isn't all that far away from another Civil War! Conservatives are PISSED! We aren't going to stand for a leader that cannot lead. Lead, Follow, or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

My response to Michael Steele:

Mr. Steele...your response that your "whatever" with Rush Limbaugh was STRATEGIC? Are you freaking kidding us? WE NEED A LEADER! We need somebody NOT AFRAID of what others think. Your opinion of what others think is LED by the MEDIA & LIBERALS! WE THE PEOPLE...REMEMBER US? We are pissed, and we are READY TO FIGHT...bring on the fighting words. That liberal said we are a nation of COWARDS.

MR STEELE...IF YOU DON'T COME OUT WITH MORE FIGHTING WORDS, AND REAL MEANING...YOU ARE THE COWARD. I don't know if you realize it or not... but this nation is not that far away from another civil war if somebody like you cannot bring this nation back to true principle and the values, laws, and constitutional backbone our nation was founded upon.

DON'T BE THAT GUY that allowed another civil war to happen. WE THE PEOPLE WON'T LET YOU REIGN IN POWER if you cannot say it like it is!

AND...I see the next question in this poll. ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU want me to comment on the fact that 25% of people WANT MORE SOCIALISM? If ONE FREAKING PERSON wants socialism...THAT'S TOO MANY!

Are you a RINO too Mr. Steele?

AS a matter of fact...ALL THESE QUESTIONS seem "canned"...OBVIOUSLY WE'RE ALL CONSERVATIVES...and these answers are a "NO DUH" response.

These questions aren't going to tell you a THING about TRUE CONSERVATIVES...we're going to answer ALL these canned questions RIGHT & RED. However...I did say that our troops should fight our terrorists first and foremost...BUT THAT'S BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME THE OPTION IN YOUR CANNED QUESTIONS TO CHOOSE BOTH TERRORISTS AND ILLEGALS POURING INTO OUR COUNTRY! GEEZZZEEZZS Steele...how about a question that supports ENFORCING THE FREAKING LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE before we go and create NEW ones! Are you OK in the head?

The REAL QUESTION is HOW are YOU as our RNC leader going to DEAL with it? You need to step up Mr. Steele. Be one of us or get off the wagon and let someone more like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, or the like take over for you. The LAST THING THE RNC NEEDS is a limp minded, no balls, play the ends against the middle leader.

Grow a nut Mr. Steele...the rest of us already have them!

By the way...I'm one of those "little small business owners". I only employ 22 people...BUT TAKE CARE OF FREE MARKETS AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR ALREADY! The ink wasn't even dry on Obama's bills and my taxes have already gone up!