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Wednesday, March 4

Nevada Taxation Committee Meets TOMORROW!

It's no secret that we're sadly DOWN in our budgets for the upcoming year. HOWEVER, we CAN cut where needed and still fund many other needed functions of our county or State government. Folks NEED to remind themselves of the VAST distinction of what's WANTED versus WHAT'S NEEDED!

Our legislature in Carson City is now a majority of Liberal and spend freak individuals. Marilyn Kirkpatrick is one that allegedly mentioned that on March 5th, Washoe County MUST be represented at the table as (paraphrased) "we're coming after it". When asked just "what" they're coming after regarding higher taxes and spending...in open session in Carson City...she said..."all of it".

Our State, like our nation is NOT being represented in the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE! Allegedly, Peggy Pierce ALSO a Lib from Vegas (I can't find the alleged Sam Shad Show interview video to prove it) and also testifying before the taxation committee said that hundreds of her constituents have moved here from California and just haven't gotten the level of services they expected from the State of Nevada and NOW "THEY" are ready for tax increases!

Just me, little 'ole Conservative talking here...but how many of those "said constituents" do you think are actually the ONES PAYING into the tax bracket that are providing "said services". I moved here from Texas in 1986 off a cotton farm and with little more than minimum wage to get me here with no help! I moved away in '92 and back again in 1996 ;) I can't say ENOUGH GOOD about Nevada and how the State has performed for me!

I AM a constituent! I AM NOT ready for tax INCREASES for ANY service the State of Nevada provided me! I appreciated the discounted vaccination fees I found on 9th street for my children that ANYONE can get, and I'm appreciative of how as a single mother struggling in 1986 my Nevada "services" told me as a casino dealer "I didn't make LITTLE ENOUGH money at minimum wage + tips to GET any help"...and quite frankly when I was down on my luck I'm VERY HAPPY (truthfully) that all this "supposed" "service" from my state DIDN'T exist when I desperately needed it.

I'm now a proud Nevada business owner and employ 22 people of which 2 include myself and my husband. I'M PROUD THAT WHEN I HAD NO PLACE TO TURN... AND NO HELP WAS GIVEN...MY NEVADA STATE SERVICES TAUGHT ME HOW TO MAKE IT ON MY OWN! They wanted me to FAIL in order to DESERVE any help. Well...they gave me none and guess what? I beat their mentality and I SUCCEEDED! Screw ANYBODY that tells you they haven't "found in Nevada" the "services" they were expecting from some other state!

I've never received ANY service from ANY state, and I've lived on little or less more than one time in my life since I've been an adult. BUT the times in my life that I literally COULD NOT get to the next day...my community and my "stranger" friends DID HELP me. Communities will ALWAYS help those that cannot. Taxes will not change that.

We in Nevada need to ELIMINATE excessive governmental intervention into matters that would better be served by our VOLUNTEERISM, our faith based or intellectual based folks & citizens that would take up many of our services in a second! IF we leave the government and our general funds OUT of the equation...we'll find MORE help and BETTER control than we would or should expecting the legislature to MANDATE it!

Possible library closures or cut hours are an example. VOLUNTEERS will keep the library's open. Planned Parenthood is another good Nevada example. Since suggesting that governmental general funds shouldn't be a focus there...guess what? Over 3 million of that expense has been taken on by folks that just had Planned Parenthood as "their particular cause". Folks will FUND services...everybody's got their thing...be it the homeless, the down trodden, or WHATEVER, we donate and fund what whatever some folks care about! The government doesn't need to! FOLKS - CITIZENS - COMMUNITIES - IDEALISTS - we all have a dollar or two...WE THE PEOPLE can manage our own STATES! Government just needs to GET OUT OF THE WAY!

WRITE ALL OFFICIALS in Nevada NOW about the meeting tomorrow! Many will vote for no increases...but send the SAME MESSAGE TO ALL! Here's HOW :)