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Friday, April 24

Michele Beard NEW Nevada GOP Chairman (Washoe County/Reno) - Harry Reid NO MORE!

Tonight, Reno, NV made history. Reno is Washoe County, and we elected a new President/Chair for the Washoe County Republicans. CONGRATULATIONS! TO MICHELE BEARD!


Sounds simple enough, but it's NOT! Washoe County has about 500,000 citizens...along with the rural counties that add a few more to Northern Nevada. Reno is the forever "labeled" red-headed step child of Las Vegas (Clark County). It's NOT! Reno, Sparks/Washoe County IS THE BACKBONE of the Nevada Republican Party and the DIRE DESIRE to become what the GOP used to stand for. Las Vegas/Henderson comprises TWO OF THE THREE congressional districts in Nevada! Sadly, Clark County (due to its close proximity to California and the mass influx of residents that moved here from CA) is HUGELY Liberal! We do have a Republican Senator from Vegas...but it's tough down South, and my jury's out on Senator Ensign's true commitment to true Conservatism due to the sheer pressure of the Libs there on his positions.

In what I'm going to call a surprising defeat, our own "term-limited-out" State Senator Maurice Washington lost to Michele at the election tonight. The great part of good politics (yes there are GOOD politics), is that when you have two great candidates running, someone must lose.

I saw grass roots America speak out tonight in Washoe County, and I am pleasantly surprised, but that comes with a great plea to give the deserved person that won the support she needs from the ENTIRE NATION! WE MUST DEFEAT HARRY REID IN 2010!

I will admit here on this blog that I voted for State Senator Washington...FOR THE REASON THAT HE HAS NOTORIETY, IS A GREAT AND FABULOUS ORATOR, STICKS 95% TO ALL CONSERVATIVE VALUES, AND COULD BE A NATIONAL NAME THAT FOLKS COULD RECOGNIZE in our fight to defeat Harry Reid in 2010. He has a LOT of experience that would have made him a viable candidate :) I also thought he could stand a better chance of raising the estimated $30,000,000 it's thought will take to DEFEAT Harry Reid! Scary isn't it...that a little 'ole state in the Wild Wild West must raise a freaking 30 MILLION in order to defeat bad judgment! He is a GREAT NEVADAN, he is a GREAT and often lonely voice voting FOR US in our Nevada Legislature! I really love the dickens out of this guy...but Nevada, Washoe County chose another GREAT NEVADAN...a simple everyday local GREAT AMERICAN, NEVADAN to hold this position!

However...let it ALSO BE SAID ON THIS BLOG...that Michele Beard has been EVERYWHERE in the last few years where Northern Nevada Politics has had a voice. Her dedication to the GOP in Nevada has been impeccable! She is KNOWLEDGEABLE, she has a great military background, she knows the in's and out's of EVERY ASPECT of the county's voting population. She has been tireless in her efforts to support every qualified and successful Nevada Conservative elected official from dog catcher to senator! She WAS PRESENT for all the woes and wants while Nevada struggled through having many viable Presidential Candidates in 2008 come through Nevada, a Swing State...and even though some didn't want McCain...she fought hard to try and promote him as the MORE VIABLE candidate (ANYBODY BUT) Obama.

She has served completely dedicated and without pay to the exiting President/Chair of our county's GOP for multiple years. Our GOP offices are all based on a volunteer basis. Probably the thing that hurt Senator Washington was the desire to have a paid staff. NEVADA CONSERVATIVES ARE ALL ABOUT NOT SPENDING MONEY WHERE MONEY DOESN'T NEED TO BE SPENT...call us crazy...we NEED money...but for our candidates to WIN...NOT to pay the people informed and active in getting them there :)

Michele pulls no punches, she works hard and fair through honesty, parliamentary procedure, she listens to the people, and is beholding to NO ONE. She's never held any "official paid office" regarding politics that I know of. She's only attended legislation...not been "one of them"...and she is a bit plain in her appearance to the public. What I mean by that...is she isn't a dynamic speaker, she doesn't move mountains when she speaks...she just does, and she just says it like it is...BUT what she says is correct to a fault, and she's always given her positions her all. You know...JUST A NORMAL FOLK LIKE ALL OF WE ARE!

I figured tonight that our "more public and popular" State Senator that has served many terms as a State politician was a shoe in for the office. BUT...as grass roots as Senator Washington IS... it proved to be that Nevadans WANT REAL grass roots and REAL locals to head our County Political Party ;)

Tonight's vote was HARD for me. I was undecided up until the last moment. I had enough faith in our grass roots body that I believed that IT'S IMPORTANT ENOUGH to get rid of Reid that I voted for someone I thought could have a little better shot at making that happen.

I actually held my pen in hand and twitched a couple of times...before I voted. SO...I CAN SAY WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE THAT I'M PROUD OF MICHELE!!! It was that last twitch of my pen that made me X the other candidate.

So to my nation... To my readers... To ANYONE that thought that someone more "famous" should have won...WATCH OUT! Michele will be here for us all...(and if she finds a hard day... there's plenty of US to pick her up), even Senator Washington and the REST OF THE REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURE!!!...THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES NEEDS TO BE BEHIND THIS WOMAN!!!


HELP Michelle! Send her e-mails! Send the Nevada GOP MONEY! Harry Reid ALREADY has $7,000,000 (SEVEN MILLION) dollars in his fund. Washoe County has $43,000 in it's fund. People donate ALL THE TIME to PAC groups that SAY they will defeat Harry Reid. HARRY REID LIVES IN NEVADA! Donate to NEVADA'S REPUBLICAN PARTY...that's the ONLY way we can help YOU get him OUT!

I'm VERY proud of Michele Beard tonight. She showed me that America is TRULY turning to WE THE PEOPLE to take this country back. I will support her and the Northern Nevada GOP to TAKE USA BACK!!!

Michele can be e-mailed at office@washoecountygop.org. You may help US DEFEAT Harry Reid by sending $1 at a time, $5 at a time to the Washoe County Republican Party / PO Box 1886 / Reno, NV 89509. If you don't wish to send money...SEND YOUR IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS! Help us defeat Harry Reid in 2010.