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Wednesday, April 15

Reject Reid Tea Party Protest - Nevada Tea Parties

Nevada spoke out today in fine fashion. In Carson City, NV our capitol, crowd estimates are between 2000-3000. The streets were lined with law abiding, tax paying, fiscally responsible, AMERICAN patriots whom have been labeled by the Obama DHS as "right wing extremists", this link IS THE REPORT. The funny side of that is that among our thousands that held tea parties in Nevada today...MANY were in fact Democrats. Welcome Democrats to the "domestic terrorist" category LOL! (Pictures from Carson from KRNV Channel 4 Reno). I even saw one sign that said "Obama-YES - Harry Reid - NO". Just goes to show you that ALL Americans are TEA'D OFF!

You Tube Video HERE :) Isn't it funny that we were SUCH a PEACEFUL crowd, laughing a lot, and having local citizens HONK at us a lot..and we ended up NO THREAT to society :) I couldn't get my camera up quick enough, but EVEN a police car flashed a PRO sign to us from a window. I could only catch most of it with my eyes as it turned, but I think it said "Don't Spread My Wealth, Spread My Work Ethic". It was PRICELESS and damn...couldn't get it quick enough :) Thank you to our local police officers that KNEW we were a peaceful yet determined crowd, and appreciated our laughter, music, signs, and our peaceful demonstration! GO RENO RPD You guys ROCK!

It ALSO ROCKED that a RTC Bus Driver HONKED at us, and so did a Waste Management truck. It was so COOL that people of ALL walks of life from the elite wealthy to the working guys & gals that couldn't join us ALL AGREE that it's damn TIME that WE THE PEOPLE are represented!

IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THE WHOLE STORY...SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE SLIDE SHOW OF PICTURES :) (OR...CLICK HERE FOR YOU TUBE ANTI-REID COVERAGE :) Or, search You Tube for Reject Reid 2010 Tea Party :) I even "made the paper" with a direct quote to a local Reno Gazette Journal reporter :)

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend Carson's rally...I had a business to attend to...but I was proudly in attendance in Reno this evening for the REJECT REID 2010 demonstration / tea party. We were proudly donned in our red "Reject Reid" T-shirts complete with tea bag necklaces with stars, flags, and even an elephant :). We fought the bitter cold and terrible winds. Approximately 200+ folks showed up for the event.

This event was sparked largely due to outrage that our own Republican Mayors Bob Cashell (Reno) right, and Geno Martini (Sparks) left, were co-hosts at a downtown Reno reception/fund raiser for the DIShonorable Stinky Pinky Harry Reid. Minimum $500 donation, but suggested $2000 PAC contribution was expected to allow entrance to this dastardly event.

In my video I caught Mayor Geno Martini coming out of the reception. He was all smiles, and gracious to our crowd. I heard one attendee say to him cheerfully, "Shame on You!". He replied with a cheerful (shrugged shoulders), "Oh Well..." Oh Well mayor...enjoy your term, you WON'T be re-elected by Nevada Republicans...get that resume polished up :)

Amazingly, and I'm sure as a campaign strategy...Harry Reid agreed FINALLY to appear on our local Conservative talk radio station KKOH today on the Bill Manders Show. Opposite him, our other senator (R) John Ensign had the other portion of the show. Click HERE FOR HARRY REID'S PORTION PODCAST, (Click HERE for direct ITunes download), and then you may CLICK HERE FOR JOHN ENSIGN'S PORTION PODCAST, (Click HERE for direct ITunes Download).

I've got to say...I've said openly that John Ensign seems to me to be a bit of a RINO. He was the ONLY Nevada official in Washington to vote FOR the stimulus bill. His voting record is a bit less of RIGHT than I would like, but on this program...he sure seems now to be towing a different line? He's CERTAINLY better than our Democratic representatives, but "I dunno yet" as they say... Ensign too, is from the Liberal South Nevada, from Vegas...so I'm not sure about him yet. He seems to be getting on board... possibly it took WE THE PEOPLE to show him a better route. I wish better days for him, and hope he finally grows the cajones to stand with HIS PEOPLE ;) Today, he did speak with reason and Conservative tone.

You may check out the great REJECT REID 2010 event by CLICKING HERE for my You Tube video coverage :) All I could muster in the wind with signs was my Canon G7 point & shoot video, so some of the footage is less than professional quality, but there are some good moments to be seen.

Former State Senator - Colonel & Dr. Joe Heck who has announced his run for Governor was present. He is a graduate of some impressive Military Stragetic training, was an Army Corp doctor, and was a Colonel. I don't have an opinion on him yet...he's from Clark County (Las Vegas...HUGELY LIBERAL), so I've read some negative typical liberal dribble on him...but haven't studied him enough yet to form a real educated opinion. He seems really down to earth though, seems fiscally conservative, and so far so good. He was supposed to have spoken at my last NvFRW board meeting, his wife came instead...he was called away on some military business of some sort...I admired that. She was engaging and who knows, Joe Heck just might have a shot...we'll see as time plays out. AT LEAST TODAY...he cared enough about the OTHER Congressional district in the North to SHOW UP :)

By the way for you that are outside Nevada...Las Vegas comprises TWO (2) Congressional districts. THE ENTIRE REST OF THE STATE is the "other" district. Look at a freaking MAP! Nevada is one of the largest states in the Union...ONE CITY (+ SURBURBS) comprise TWO districts...the ENTIRE state is left as the other district, and we are HUGELY CONSERVATIVE in the "rest" of Nevada :) That includes my city of Reno...in my county...about 500,000 residents! There's still Carson City, the capitol, and all of the rural areas...comprising Ely, Elko, Winnemucca, Fallon, Fernley, Gardnerville, Minden, Yerington, etc.

A fair note here: North Las Vegas mayor Mike Montandon also spoke to us at our board meeting, and is also running as a Republican gubentorial candidate. He was impressive as well, has great points, and seemed to be a qualified candidate too. I don't want to see TOO MANY good Republicans put their name in the bucket...because RORY REID...YEP...THE SON OF BIG STINKY PINKY HARRY REID has announced his run on the Democratic side for Governor. WE CANNOT ALLOW ANOTHER REID INTO ANY OFFICE!!!!...NOT EVEN DOG CATCHER!!!

All in all, IT WAS A GREAT DAY for Nevadans. It is a shame that in the "rural...more 'redneck' part of Nevada"...which means outside Las Vegas...THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE turned out in their particular towns and cities for Tea Parties. The area of Nevada (2 Congressional districts) (where Harry Reid hails from) mustered an estimated 500 people for their rally :(

NEVADA WILL NEED THE HELP OF THE REST OF THE NATION TO OFF HARRY REID IN 2010! He will have MILLIONS in campaign donations by the time of the election. If you've ever considered donating money to a campaign outside your own state...PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING to whichever Conservative candidate Nevada puts forth in 2010.


Slide Show of Today's WONDERFUL events :)