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Friday, May 29

Reno CANCELS Fireworks 4th of July

Folks...some TRUE news is SO BIZARRE...you just can't make this kind of craziness up! And yet you find yourself head in hands pulling your hair out as to how grown adults in charge of a city of several hundred thousand people actually meet and DECIDE that THIS is what's best for ALL OF US!!!

RGJ News Article

"The Reno City Council agreed Friday to cancel fireworks for the Fourth of July, bowing out to the much bigger Star-Spangled Sparks show in downtown Sparks. It will use that money and other funds to support special events."

Oh Goody!...just what "special events" are we going to use that money on?

"The council agreed that the $7,500 planned for fireworks would be better spent supporting the national hand cycling championship that will be part of the Tour de Nez bicycle classic on June 17-20...With that backing, “we could get them every year and make it into a bigger event,” Councilman Dave Aiazzi said."

WOW! hand cycling over 4th of July Fireworks!!! Yippeee!!! But WAIT!!! It gets better...

"The Council has made special events a top priority this year as a means of drawing tourism and to help cheer up local people in this recession.

Weight loss program: The council also supported member Dan Gustin’s request to spend $15,000 in its next budget to put 12 police officers and firefighters, if they agree, on a three-month program to lose weight in hopes they will stick with it. Their initial program would be overseen by a doctor, physical fitness experts and a nutritionist.
Preventing any one of them from a heart attack would save the city $1 million in medical bills, Gustin said."

Only in America huh? Glad to know my city is in such qualified hands! My sarcasm runs amok, but not NEARLY as much as my lividness at the sheer STUPIDITY of all of it!