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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Tuesday, June 23

What Does A Free & Strong America Mean To You?


Give Romney's PAC $50 and you might win an all expense paid trip to see a ball game at Fenway Park sitting in the Romney Family's seats :) Consider it a raffle ticket :) Many complained that it cost something to enter...goes to my entry...America is still a FREE country. Pay it and enter ONE DAY LEFT...or don't...but DON'T judge those of us that did!

Here's my entry:

"PEOPLE RISE, carry forth what founding Fathers intended, ABIDE the Constitution. GREAT document at inception.

GET OVER ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY, GET OVER “Political Correctness”…Free Speech IS. QUIT getting FEELINGS HURT over someone DISAGREEING, then attempting to take morbid, legal action against said person… otherwise we’re stuck in moldy turmoil called endless conundrum!

GET MORALS back! SAY NO to someone, AND HAVE THEM understand NO MEANS NO…keep extremes between yourselves under cover of your private home, NOT in main-stream. It’s OK to have ENFORCED RULE stating things are better left unsaid or undone… Americans cherish freedom… keep some freedoms to yourselves if you don’t particularly like enforced rule of civility, moral behavior, or common sense!

BE FISCAL! It’s long been said that money is the root of all evil, but lack of it breeds evil! If America doesn’t FIRST deal with FISCAL; WE CANNOT heal social, political, or varied issues. YOU CANNOT SPEND WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE! Government has NO MONEY! They’re elected officials that serve US – WE DON’T SERVE THEM! Government HAS NOTHING they don’t gain from US! The more they take from those providing, the LESS WE HAVE TO PROVIDE. When they’ve taken ENOUGH to make all equal… NO MORE to take and NOBODY left to provide!

EVERYBODY has a calling. Take that calling to the best of your ability WITHOUT Government intervening, prosper and abound. Keep morals strong, efforts true. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST PEOPLE on earth…if we just go BACK to how America CAME TO BE!"

IT'S SO HARD for an activist blabbermouth like ME to say ANYTHING in 250 words or less...but I did it in EXACTLY 250 words. Although I couldn't cover illegal immigration here...I'm pretty sure enforced law and SAY NO 'bout covers that too :) Good luck to me and anybody else that entered or will...