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Wednesday, July 8

Health Care Excessive Costs

I just recently went to the doctor for numbness in my hand. Thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome - NO - I have cubital tunnel syndrome, from the tunnel in the elbow instead. Yes it was a "specialist" I went to, not the average doctor.

Just got a bill today for what I owe the doctor - not too bad at $53. I paid a $40 copay at the door. THEN - I looked at the REST of the statement. I spent just over an hour with this doctor, and the bill was about $3800 dollars!!! Yep it's nice that I only had to cover $93 dollars of that - but WTF?

I figured out the numbers - if a doctor can see 5 patients a day at $3800 per hour or so given lunch hour - note time - in and out time - etc...that's $19,000 per day income. Given an average 20 day work month allowing for off time, holidays, etc...that's $380,000 per month income to an office.

Yep there's rent, there's paying the salaries of say 5 people (2 nurses for a large office, 2 office staff, and 1 dedicated to filing insurance claims). How much do you figure a doctor's office employee makes - obviously the nurses more, but office staff...how much?

I'm a business owner and I employ 22 people - OURSELVES included as owners. Our insurance premiums are HUGE because of a small group. I feel BADLY that I went to a specialist to fix my elbow problem - and I know for every dollar spent at a doctor's office, our premiums go up or down reflecting who uses the policy. Just IMAGINE when someone has to have a surgery or a catastrophic event befalls them...what that does to our premiums - and we all split the costs evenly. We as employers pay half and HALF of all dependents - it's STILL INSANE! A guy with a wife and a couple of kids is looking toward $800-$1000 per month!

I manage to draw a nice salary, I employ 22 people - NOBODY in our companies makes less than $14 per hour, and the producers make over $20 - some up toward $30 per hour. WE NEVER HAVE $380,000 PER MONTH IN GROSS INCOME!!! Between 3 companies employing 22 people and 14 of those 22 are PRODUCERS, not like ONE doctor in an office that produces alone - we're lucky to maybe have between us all even close to that kind of gross income. Health care is INSANELY EXPENSIVE! Do the math!

Large companies can employ hundreds of people. Back in my gaming days I worked for a company with 2800 employees - MY ENTIRE FAMILY was covered with lower co-pays and a premium of about $200 per month. WTF?

Our current health care system is SCREWED UP! The government is certainly no answer - they can't even read a bill before they vote on one! I'd love to hear your thoughts...give me YOUR opinions on how we can stop the madness before the Government attempts to do it for us!