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Tuesday, July 14

Politics Seems to be BULLSHIT!

I only got involved in politics about 2 years ago. But what I've learned so far climbing "up the ranks" and that's not saying much to where I am...but it all still seems to be BULLSHIT! From local, to state, and then to national politics, all I see so far is one against another, and what will benefit whom?

What MY FOLKS taught me 46 years ago was who COULD benefit whom - and THAT meant helping one another - it meant FAIRNESS - it meant FISCAL responsibility, and it MEANT that ANYBODY that GOT elected could at least add 2 + 2! It meant that when we elected or appointed an official, THEY would ACTUALLY REPRESENT the PEOPLE! TODAY - NOTHING - NOW who can benefit who means who gets pay back on what someone donated to them, or which STUPID law benefits MONEY that brought the elected official to office.


Republicans argue with Democrats...Gays argue among Straights...Hispanics / Asians / Muslims / Jews / Christians / and ANYBODY I left out still seem to ARGUE in 2009!

It's ALL BULLSHIT! The CONSTITUTION of America is what made this Country GREAT! Many don't even KNOW what the constitution EVEN SAYS! AMERICA made America the MELTING POT, and I guess TODAY, I'm questioning WHY we allowed the ones that wanted to melt with the rest of us TODAY QUESTION our ORIGINAL intentions?

The ORIGINAL intention of our Founding Fathers (and YES they were men...and for the WOMEN that take fault to that should RECONSIDER their position...accepting the amendments to the Constitution thereof that have made it OK)...There was NEVER anything WRONG with STRONG women making a home, having a job, and supporting what AMERICA was all about :)

IF YOU came here from somewhere else, you OBVIOUSLY came here because YOU thought it was BETTER, and YOU wanted to be an AMERICAN! So, to come here and force YOUR laws, and YOUR culture ON US - means YOU REALLY LIKED where you WERE! So...WHY come here and try to CHANGE AMERICA? After all, you CAME here, and WE let you in...so WHY try to CHANGE the WHOLE AMERICA???

YES, we welcomed you, and YES we welcomed some of your culture...your food, your religious beliefs, you are FREE to hold them...BUT YOU ARE NOT FREE TO MANDATE THEM TO ALL OF US THAT WERE ALREADY HERE! It's cool to bring your culture here, but it's NOT COOL to CHANGE AMERICA to BE whatever YOU WERE! If you LOVED what you WERE, then WHY did you come HERE in the FIRST PLACE!

To THOSE people that came here - you are welcomed to participate in OUR BELIEFS,...and might I say WELCOMED to your OWN beliefs, but you ARE NOT WELCOME to CHANGE the way America...AMERICA believes; since what AMERICA believed is WHAT formed this country!

If you risked your very LIFE to get HERE - then WHY do YOU want to CHANGE US to be LIKE what you risked your LIFE to LEAVE? I just don't get that - therefore I don't accept what's going on today!

I was going to post ALL the political parties that have existed to this day, but Wikepedia is too bore some, because IT ISN'T accurate! BUT THERE WERE SO MANY! AND it didn't EVEN mention the parties of LONG ago like the Whig party (I neither agree or disagree...just saying they exist - ALL parties existed!), and there were other parties never mentioned - I don't take favor to any particularly except the COMMON SENSE party that has NEVER been formed - and I WOULD call that party Conservative! I don't care WHO you are, or WHO you screw, WHO you raise your MONEY from - if you cannot see that Conservatism and Capitalism WORKS - then too bad, so sad, I'll leave you dangling in your entitlement mentality and you can see just how Socialist hope and change works out for you in the end!

I'm about DONE with the WHOLE LOT OF YOU, and what it brings to be active. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will reign in the end - and I don't HAVE to go to meetings, be campaign managers, campaign on my time, nor DONATE to KNOW what the AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN DO!

I'm still involved today, but we ARE in a different time today, and things are strange. I will NO LONGER vote nor support a candidate that WON'T carry him/her self as to the BEST INTEREST OF WE THE PEOPLE!

I consider myself a staunch Republican, but if MY CANDIDATES WON'T take the best interest of the PEOPLE to heart - and THEY worry about "moderation" - perhaps I'll give UP politics in general and just FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE...

Oh Yeah...there's a cute chick in Alaska named Sarah Palin that just did that - we'll see yet if she's for REAL - but I'm hopin' SHE'S starting the next mannerly revolution :)