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Tuesday, August 4

Friends Lost & Gone - Sad But True

What happens to people you used to know - used to look up to - and then "poof" life changes, circumstances change, and voila - a new sad person is born. HOW MANY times can you watch one individual be on top of the world - and then in the gutter AGAIN?

Sometimes it's not all sad - sometimes you just catch folks you still know in a 2 + 2 = 95 moment and you just shake your head. Thank goodness some make it, some don't, and I suppose at one moment or another in our own lives - we've been that person??? But only and hopefully after being in the gutter or close ONCE - you don't EVER end up there again - most figure it out and can call a medium to rock bottom the worst ever - but MULTIPLE trips to the bottom and the gutter???

Running errands today I ran into someone on the sidewalk outside a store. I nodded getting out of my car wearing sunshades and in a hurry. I knew that person saw me - that's why I nodded. They looked back, I smiled and got on out of my car.

Couldn't help myself - after passing my car and on my way into the store - I looked that person's direction - they looked back again - then came back and called my name.

From a distance I said, "how are ya?" - they said, "Oh - it's you." Then it was a sad moment I cannot do anything about anymore. This person overtly stated they aren't good again. Life sucks - I lost my job - I have this affliction, that one, and another one. I'm going to require multiple surgeries, I only have the VA, and I now have to live with a relative because I cannot take care of myself any longer.

However - this person was clean, wearing clean crisp clothes, and given the neighborhood I was in - I know this person walked at least half a mile to end up there on foot. This person had to lean the wall to stand up though - had been drinking a LONG time and smelled of it - and stood there on a sidewalk and cried like a baby while I tried to provide some words of common sense, good judgment, advice, and comfort.

This person used to be a great person - great job - great parent - great spouse. EVERYTIME now I run into this person over the last three years - always the same - TRAGEDY - cover ups - excuses - and yes - bad health.

One cannot walk miles though if they aren't capable of something. You give them phone numbers, you suggest avenues over the years for help. You OFFER these people EVERYTHING you have to offer INCLUDING LOTS of money - they still swim the gutter.

I don't want to be a total raving bitch - but at some point - after you've taught someone how to swim, after you've seen them at the top of the world more than once, and at the bottom more than thrice, and you STILL give them swimming lessons - some days - you almost want to tell them to jump.

Some people cannot be saved and that's sad...