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Tuesday, August 11

Mark Levin "The Great One" Gave ME an "Atta Girl"

Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts - Have you ever been to one? AMAZING! Eight cities, Eight days, one month - all to celebrate our troops, their families, and AMERICA - AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - AND CONSERVATISM!

I had the honor to attend the Vegas concert this last weekend. A surprise addition was Mark Levin, "The Great One", and since I listen to his radio show daily on my way home - I'd heard prior that he would be there.

Preface: I have long told my children that the schools were indoctrinating them - far against the way I was raised. In my day, NO BIT of history was left out. ALL SIDES of history, thoughts, doctrines, ideas were presented, and our teachers then left it up to us to decide which path to walk.

It's not so today. My kids (since all they know is what THEY were taught in THEIR time) always told me, "Oh Mom...it's not THAT bad"...Well...

My kids are 26 & 20. The 20 year old is a Sophomore at UNR as a business major. One night he called me late and said I might be right. In his English class - a big part of his semester grade was to read, study, and complete assignments of the Communist Manifesto!

I was appalled - not that his Professor wanted him to read that - just that NO ALTERNATIVE was offered. I believe that you should read all sides of life, learn all sides of life, THEN draw your own conclusion as to where you stand. It goes back to keep your friends close, but the enemies closer :) I also believe that IF you are presented TRUTH to all sides of life - HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY END UP ANY OTHER THAN CONSERVATIVE TO THE CORE?

NO alternative was offered - and I told my son NOT TO WORRY - I have the other side, and Mamas will ALWAYS present both sides to their children and let them grow and mature and decide. That's what a Democracy is about - THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA!

I then gave my son Mark Levin's book Liberty & Tyranny - The Conservative Manifesto. He read it, AND LOVED IT.

I COULDN'T WAIT to get to Las Vegas - see Mark Levin in person, and tote my book from home for him to sign.

I get to Vegas to the venue - was the first person through my particular door of entrance to the venue - then I got in line. Behind HUNDREDS, and then a thousand or so - we wait for Mark to sign our books. People from all over the nation had brought their books from home - each with a personal story - just to have Mark sign it.

Mark Levin had about 1-1/2 hours to sign what I would guess 3000 books! I wouldn't want to be him! But he shook each of our hands quickly, signed the books, and I got to very quickly tell him my story of why I bought his book for my son that was forced to read the Communist Manifesto - His face softened, and he said, "Atta Girl"... Made the line worth while :) (NOTE: A BIG thanks to my husband Kevin for snapping these photos of a GREAT experience :) Love ya Babe!