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Thursday, September 17

Me & My Camera...

Many people read this blog - some from far places. THIS post is for my NEVADA readers :)

I feel like I NEED to write this. I only got involved in politics since the caucus in 2008. I got fired up, and I haven't stopped being fired up since :) I just returned from a special event tonight, and thinking along the lines of what I need to say? WHO better to say it to than your dogs on your own back porch :) It's OK to sit in a nice dress in a lounge chair on your own back porch and talk to the dogs about politics :)

BUT - love my pictures - and I must have video of every politician from city council, to mayor, to congressman, to governor. I go to a lot of events, and I think (due to the "stink eye" I get from some)...I've become to be known in the upper circles of Washoe County GOP as "the bitch with the camera" HAHAHA...

Well - this is how it is - and this is my reason. I'm disappointed that in a county of over 500,000 that I take MY time to learn. I take my time to see. AND, a lot of times - there are not that many of us at any given function. BUT - THOSE OF US that ARE there hear all that is spoken when someone gives a speech. Bloggers abound - Newspapers abound - Television stations abound - just WE abound. WE - THOSE OF US that ARE there and HEAR what's spoken can sit amongst ourselves and talk about it all day long. We chicks, or the gentlemen that attend - we can ALL talk about what was said or done. WHY is speaking or telling different than pictures?

WHEN I AM BEHIND MY CAMERA??? I truly HAVE NO OPINION!!! As a woman, as a business owner, as a citizen, mother, voter - SURE - I have opinions...but BEHIND my camera - there IS NO OPINION! I just wish to bring to the citizens of Nevada the things they need to hear. From EVERY candidate - from EVERY person I film - I feel like it's my duty to bring to them what THEY aren't willing to come out and find out for themselves.

I ALWAYS ask permission to publish. I sit on my videos and study them myself to form my own opinions. I rarely have the time to publish the ones I have, and I have HOURS OF THEM!

By the time I find the time to edit and publish - it's usually old news anyway. SO - to those giving me stink eye - and to those that embrace my little videos? I do it for YOU. I do it for WE. WE THE PEOPLE - remember us? THANK YOU all that give me permission to film you - even though you rarely make it out of my camera or my computer :)