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Tuesday, September 15

Obama Addresses AFL-CIO on "Health Care"

I just sadly witnessed the most Socialist speech I've ever seen or heard an American President make in my lifetime. My heart ached as the words fell from his tongue.

He actually, openly used very disturbing language in my opinion. Words like redistribute. Of course, he phrased it as the redistribution of success. "The success of us all depends on the success of each of us."

It's obvious that our current President would like to see every American in a Union - this was a hugely pro-union speech. He praised the "Freedom of Choice Act." He stated that it's the success of organized labor that has made this nation succeed, organized labor made this government succeed, and it's organized labor that will carry this movement and country forward.

He praised and promoted the public option in the "Health Care Reform". The way Obama explains his version and dream of health care reform very much sounds like "Unionized" health care - only on a national level, and as with "Card Check" - we the people will have very little choice in the matter if our Congress passes such a mess.

Obama hammered to the cheering AFL-CIO crowd the words "WE CAN'T WAIT" - "WE CAN'T WAIT". BUT, he failed to mention to this same crowd - that things in this reform WON'T take effect until 2012, AFTER his first term (and likely last) as President. If your health and your life DEPENDS on this "change" in health care - GOOD LUCK lasting until 2012 America!

Well - I've never been a member of "organized labor" EVER in my lifetime, and in my humble opinion - I'm all the better for it. I never made a "prevailing wage", I NEVER paid dues to any greedy union boss, I NEVER had someone else "negotiate" my standing with ANY employer! Today, I own three very small "mom & pop" companies and employ 22 Americans - all of whom make 100% to 200% ABOVE minimum wage, some even more.

His ideas on education reform appalled me! He actually SAID that it's our government's responsibility to bring our children "FROM CRADLE TO CLASSROOM - AND FROM COLLEGE TO CAREER!"

EXCUSE ME?? Last time I checked - my children have ALWAYS been MY responsibility. NO GOVERNMENT will claim responsibility nor indoctrination of MY children, grandchildren, nor great-grandchildren from cradle to classroom as long as I can breathe a breath of air to stop that! From college to career - that responsibility lies on the backs of the student! Of course, as parents where we can - we pay for college. Financial aid (loans, grants, and scholarship) is available - but the responsibility to learn, grow, and succeed - lies within the INDIVIDUAL!

Obama's speech ended again in pep-rally style - having the crowds chant "ALL FIRED UP" - "READY TO GO". I certainly hope common sense Americans are fired up - if this administration accomplishes all it wishes to - God help us all.