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Sunday, June 12

Mark Amodei For CD2

I endorse Mark Amodei for my first vote next Saturday.

I may be only 4-5 years into politics...but I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THE SAME OLD SICK AND TIRED...

That being said...I've learned a lot in my involvement into politics. I'm pretty RIGHT WING when it comes to some things (not so much in others) - but when we live in a state that's hugely outnumbered by liberals - in power - we do have to get along to get along in some small areas in order to get anything done.  (NEVADA IS ALSO #1 IN UNEMPLOYMENT & FORECLOSURES)...???


I've studied all three major candidates for this spot - I believe Mark Amodei is the best mix to as best he can cover all major issues and somewhat meet in the middle (while he's STILL so Conservative)...

I DO NOT - and WOULD NOT support big LIB views or bills. However, until the Revolution actually comes - it's a fine line and a ledge to sit upon to choose leaders these days. I hate RINOS - I hate power mongers - and I hate opportunists that think just because they CAN win makes them the best candidate.  The OTHER thing I HATE is career politicians AND people that support said politicians because "they" think it will move them somehow higher up the "political" food chain".  Mark is NOT that guy...I don't think.

I'm SICK & TIRED of hearing the same old talking points! YES - "WE" all KNOW - "less government - less taxes - grow jobs" - WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT???

Everybody with a vote has their own special interests - I have mine too. Well - I DO have a vote next Saturday. My interests lie in Northern Nevada. I'm not stupid.

I realize full well that the POPULATION of Nevada resides in Clark County. I realize full well that with redistricting coming after census will create a new district including more of Vegas. I've also lived in NV in the North (Vegas being the South for those not from here reading this) since 1989.

I also know that with your more than 1 MILLION in Vegas in population - Las Vegas / Clark County has TWO (2) of the (3) THREE congressional districts in Nevada. While the population lives down South - the LAND MASS - the WHOLE REST OF THE STATE (HUGE) is Congressional district #2.

I've got to go back to the way I was raised. I've got to go home to Texas where I'm from - the rurals... Country values - Common sense even when it comes to Carson City, NV and a dude accustomed to all that comes with that. I come from a town of about 5000 - know full well the Dallas / Ft. Worth TX metropolis houses about 4 MILLION - I get it... (WHY do you think with a vote I DON'T REALIZE what BIG means and big values are IMPORTANT - but Country values are also)...

Mark Amodei can mix the rural with the city and get along.  He can mix the needs of the City in Vegas as our GOP chairman - and still look after country folk.  I was in gaming for 20 years - I get the glitz and glitter...but I get common sense too.   He is and looks normal in our Northern mix. The "Southern" dudes try to buy boots, put on some jeans, and pretend they have the land mass at best interest. NOT!

Not to mention that over the last 20 years - CALIFORNIA has moved into Vegas in mass. The Conservative and common sense people there in "power" or offices - have turned into more "left" of center as Republicans.

Mark Amodei comes from HERE in the North. While I don't agree with him 100% on all he's done - he is the best I've seen. People here do not understand that the population DOES NOT outweigh the land mass in the important issues of Nevada.  I'm privy to some information once in a while - but don't believe all I hear.

The "North" has long been considered the red-headed step-child of the "South"...SORRY - not so. Country will ALWAYS outweigh city in my book. Just my humble opinion from a country gal...