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Sunday, January 15

Damn Dog Piss Browning Up The Yard!

Wanna’ cure those pesky brown spots in your yard caused by dog pee, or the dreaded sun-spots? I have the cure, bonified and tested. Do any of you have that one friend that is ALWAYS right? No, I mean REALLY ALWAYS RIGHT… well, I have one too, and her name is Mitch. As much as she annoys me sometimes (my best friend is old enough to be my Mom)… when she gives me a piece of advice, or tells me something IS, 99.9% of the time, it truly is. The same goes with this remedy for brown lawn.

All Season Green-Up Tonic Recipe:

1 Can Beer

1 Cup Ammonia

½ Cup Liquid Dish Soap

½ Cup Liquid Lawn Food (like Miracle-Grow or something)

½ Cup Molasses or Corn Syrup

Mix all these together well, and place in some type of spray bottle. Spray this mixture on your brown spots between waterings, and Wah-Lah!! Your lawn will begin to green up again. Now you can fire the expensive landscaper!