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Sunday, January 15

Hell No ! - Cell Phone Spamming???

Cell Phone Spamming / Voice Mail:

Oh Hell No!! It’s bad enough that I have to get interrupted at least three times a week just as I get sat down on my couch comfortably after a long day. I’ve made three trips to the kitchen already… I have the plate of food made… I have the first stiff cocktail of the evening made… I have just sat down. I get the first nice bite into my mouth. I’ve managed to just reach the remote and surf the guide… oh… here’s the latest episode of CSI… and then… the dreaded “Ring-Ring-Ring”. Damn, I forgot to make that extra trip to the office to get the mobile phone off the charger and put it next to me!

So… I get up, put all my shit down that it took me 20 minutes to situate, and race to the wall phone in the kitchen. Then it’s that ASSHOLE AGAIN! (It’s the same one always, just a little different voice each time)… So And So Debt Consolidation, or some pinhead post-teenager (who thinks telemarketing at minimum wage is somehow better than the red hat at McDonalds) obviously reading off a scribbled 3x5 index card that wants you to participate in a survey about nothing. I hate these people that intrude on our daily home time, I am admittedly rude to them and demand that they take me off their list! It doesn’t happen too much anymore after I registered every possible way on the “no call list” and purchased a Tele-Zapper from K-Mart… but they still are annoying, and you all are in their books too, agreed?

Back to “Oh Hell No!!”… Now… these intruding little hacker assholes have found their way to my cell phone, on both voice mail, and text messaging. I have a company account with Nextel / Sprint, we have about 12 company phones, and the little maggots have found all of us!! I’m sure it’s happening to you too, so here’s the next solution. GO TO THE DO NOT CALL WIRELESS SITE, AND ZAP THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you are a person who pays for your minutes barely and have a small plan… you will be charged for these annoyances! The resources to stop it are as follows:

Call: 1-888-382-1222 (From Your Cell Phone)
Go to the Do Not Call Website and register your cell phone on the wireless link.

Also, for the annoying regular phone calls that we get all the time, a friend of mine told me this little trick… I cannot prove 100% that it works, but since I’ve been implementing the practice, I have not had any repeat calls from anyone I’ve done this to. As soon as you answer the phone, and realize that it’s one of those stupid recorded messages from Hell… immediately begin hitting the * (star) key on your phone. Hit it repeatedly until the voice stops. Supposedly, this action glitches the computer on the other end and throws your number out of the system. It seems to work. At my office, where I have several lines, and there is a light showing which line I’m currently on… when I hit the star key over and over… the light goes off, showing a distinct disconnect, so I think this works.