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Friday, February 10

BUSTED - Don't Take Good People For Granted

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Welcome to the Soap Box. There is only one post tonight, as I am human, and biting my tongue right now to believe in all that I preach. Really sucks too, as this is my first weekend to participate in Michele’s Meet-N-Greet, and I was hoping to make lots of new friends and draw new readers to my blog. Now I have to have a negative post, and may lose readers. Sometimes though, it’s time to call a spade a spade. I posted a morale boosting exercise recently with guaranteed results. I STAND BY THAT POST, AND STILL GUARANTEE THE RESULTS. However, I got a comment that had a karmic feel, and I pursued my feelings and got exactly the proof I thought was there.

I will respond personally to any comment that asks a response out of me. I do not even mind people that comment in a negative way, as I believe in each to his own. However, this comment and request for a response may have been more than the “commenter” wished for. I have had some recent low morale in my business, and some shake ups are coming. But it reminded me of the exercise that I HAVE practiced as a manager, and learned it originally as an employee. It does work, and it is amazing. That reminder made me think that it’s about time I used it again in my own company. That thought came full fold with this Anonymous comment I received: “You say it's guaranteed to work. I've noticed you claim to have two businesses (in fact, in a previous blog, you stated yourself to be "business-savvy" - do you, or have you, used this tool in your businesses?” Posted by Anonymous 12:42 PM

I was very prepared to respond to this in a positive way, and I will. YES, the exercise DOES work, and I have used it more than once in business practice. But, some people, no matter how much nice you say about them, or do for them, will not, nor cannot accept anything positive. Some people are so negative that they wouldn’t know a good day if it knocked them over. Most people that may comment on a blog will respond on a recent “post”…not “in a previous blog”. Most people do not respond as Anonymous. And most people will comment negative about right wing views, a belief they do not share, or other negative ways…but most people will not challenge a business owner that has claimed to be “business-savvy” in quotations. (Hell, this comment wasn't even really negative...somehow, I just knew. Must be the "mommy" instinct, or the "eyes in the back of mommy's head"). All of these forensic items somehow clued me in to “check out this comment carefully before I responded”. I respect all people, and even respect this one. HOWEVER…

Don’t know if you guys all know this or not, but anyone who takes their blog seriously has a “site counter, or site meter”…so do I. The site meters tell you amazing things. It will tell you what area a person on your site comes from. It will tell you at what times people are logged on. It will tell you the domain they use to log on, i.e. AOL, PacBell, Charter, BellSouth, Comcast, Verizon, etc. It will tell you how long they were on, and how many pages they viewed. You can even get details as to the IP address. While all this information is basically useless... you can’t know WHO is on…You CANNOT TAP IN to anyone’s domain…you really don’t know much about the stats, UNLESS YOU ARE THE OWNER OF A BUSINESS, AND THE IP ADDRESS THAT SHOWS UP AT THE TIME OF A COMMENT HAPPENS TO BE YOUR OWN…AND YOUR OWN DOMAIN ADDRESS. Now, that brings a whole new perspective to the picture doesn’t it? And, if you can see that while you are paying a really negative employee a really decent wage to do their job, it doesn’t make you happy to know they were reading the boss’s blog for 32 minutes on your dime. And, when mad, I become really anal, and can log into my 8 surveillance cameras from home…so also when I eliminate a few possibilities…I can narrow down to a single conclusion. I’ve said, and so does my husband…”Do NOT mistake our kindness, or “laid-back-ness” for stupidity. We do check up, and you don’t get much past us”.

So, in response to my previous post…here is my comment for this person according to the ABSOLUTE RULE. You have really beautiful eyes. However, I’m not sure this employee will last long enough to see my exercise implemented, and a good idea for this person is to check the RGJ classifieds for a new avenue to use their talents.