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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Friday, June 23

BB-Q Big Butt Comment Joke

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Some husbands aren’t so smart with jokes at the wife’s expense :)

A man and wife were enjoying an evening in their backyard. The husband was barbequing on the grill, and the wife was picking some weeds in the flower bed while they visited. The husband looked on at the wife, and mentioned, “Honey, your butt is getting quite large. I think your butt is bigger than my barbeque grill.” Sure enough, he measured the grill, and then ran a tape measure across the wife’s butt, and it was two inches wider than the grill.

The wife did not make too much of the husband’s rude comment, but grinned and made the evening and their dinner pleasant.

Later that evening in bed, the husband was feeling frisky. He began to make his moves on the wife, and was surprised to find her non-responsive, and a bit hostile. He asked what was wrong, and she stated, “Do you actually think I am going to fire up this big ass grill for one tiny wienie?”