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Wednesday, July 26

Bloggers Argue = America ROCKS = It's OK

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In response to this story that I thought nobody read, Rev. Smokin Steve wrote this response…

Somebody has to be a left wing nut job and give a counterpoint. It might as well be me. I have no problem with confronting the evil in this world. Fine... let's confront it. George W Bush was confronting the evil at first when he initially went after Al Qaida. Then he basically put a hold on that campaign, and took everyone to Iraq instead. And today, Osama Bin Laden still walks the Earth almost 5 years after 9-11. And Al Qaida is operating pretty well in Iraq, the very country we are supposed to be cleaning up. Maybe if George W Bush kept going after the evil he was supposed to be going after all along, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in today. You see, there's a difference between simply confronting evil, and doing it intelligently. Any idiot can confront evil. But if you don't have a good plan, evil will get away and live to fight another day. I have no problem with fighting a war. I do have a problem that our valuable troops are dying in a country they are now stuck in without enough armor to fight it. We went in with a bad plan, and those men and women pay for this administration's mistakes. And meantime, you want us to worry about burning a flag instead? What do you say we fix the real issues first? Let's protect our valuable men and women in the armed forces before we protect the cloth we wrap them in when they come home in a casket because their body armor was insufficient to protect them. Go ahead... try and blame the liberals for that. We weren't the ones who put Donald Rumsfeld in charge of the military.

Well, I went to his blog and he does have some good stuff. I read his profile, and find we are both Capricorns, and have many similar things in common. Therefore, he’s not all bad, but I got my Republican button pushed, and I finally had the balls, or I guess brass ovaries in my case to rebut. So, even after reading his blog, I must publish my rebuttal, as at the time I meant it, and I still do. Damn shame that someone who has such a cute baby picture as his signature had to bring out the bitch in me. May anyone reading this see some humor, read the true meaning on both sides, and realize that our “discussion” is the true America we all fight for. This is the e-mail I responded to him with…

Thank You...

I truly love it when someone gives me an intelligent response with conviction to what they believe even if I do not agree. I do not consider you a left wing nut job, as you can present your opinion from the heart in complete sentences. I want to respond, not to piss you off, but rather to have a differing opinion than you and still discuss the matters at hand.

Pretend that you and I are the f**ing people at the head of the REAL table trying to make a difference. Tough spot to be in. In my opinion, the true epitome of "rock and the hard spot".

I don't pretend to KNOW George W., but I DO come from the home front. I actually lived in Texas during Bush Oil Co., and Halliburton. I lived 90 miles from the Bush's company, and I can honestly tell you, both companies were stand up. When Texas went through the oil crisis, and our "Black Monday", Halliburton stepped up and was the last to fire, the most to do what they could for the common man, the employee. I was a tiny fish then in a young pond of tadpoles. I do know what kind of man George W. Is, and I do know the Texas mentality of Texas men, and I'm SO GLAD Mr. Bush has my back in these timesDo you honestly think what George is doing is what he REALLY wants to do? Hell no. In Texas we confront evil legitimately when it needs to be done. We don't like it, but sometimes an ass kicking is just coming. If it were up to him, we would have made a glass parking lot out of the whole mess, but NO, we can't. Some innocent people might get hurt, like the mothers and sons hiding bombs in their homes, and the little children carrying massive guns swearing to grow up to kill the infidel, any American. They are like bad dirt on a good shoe. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM....more shock and awe... Bush can't do that. Too many liberals and NAACP folks will "protect" their rights to burn our flag and have their "religious" right to believe what they believe. These morons have been killing each other off for centuries, and now we must feel sorry for them....NOT. Theirs is NOT a religion. It's a sore loser's approach to bullying their way into better circumstances for free with no effort on their part except to figure how to fuck up a good thing. They can't come up with modern ways to improve their own country. They don't try to get along with others that live in their region...they choose to turn bad times into a reason to hate and kill others that have figured out a better way.

On your side of the fence however, here's where I do agree. Bush has been forced into playing the game. And, believe me, in more facets of life than any of us like to admit, there is a game to be played. Our society has become a quagmire of political correctness that is quite frankly sickening to me. Nobody says what they really think. I was raised by a man that was born in 1898. This man was simple, but he taught me things that I held dear, and today...all lost and nobody has class in a disagreement anymore. Nobody has the class to shake another man's hand and say quite frankly, Mr. So-N-So, I respect your right to believe what you believe, but you are full of shit. Used to be that when that happened, the actual HAND SHAKE meant something. Today, NO.

Due to the game, I think we probably know where Osama is. I think right before election time we will miraculously find him and the Republican's will be heroes. If not, it will tell me the dude is good. He really HAS eluded the inevitable. It always amazes me that whatever news channel is reporting that THEY are always on the front line, THEY seem to have pictures and videos of the bad guys, but yet "we" can't find them. NOBODY wants to be "that guy" that pulls the trigger. The real trigger. So what if a total asshole gets shot in the head. Sometimes, a real bad force of nature needs to be shot. It's sad, it's not politically correct, but nasty has to go. We root out infection with antibiotics. We sometimes can't, and then guess what...Mr. So-N-So, you are so infected, we must cut your leg off. Only, the doctors say it nice now, we must take your leg, it will only be to the knee. "Oh, I don't want to lose my leg!" Well, Mr. So-N-So, if we don't take the infected part away, you will DIE. Well now, I must re-think. OK, it will be a morbid pain in my life until FOREVER, but take my leg to the knee, I DON'T want to die.

Why don't we realize these are the times we are in? KILL THE BASTARDS. Eliminate the infection that has wasted more than 200 years of time NOT solving ANY internal conflict. As Spock said, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".

And, Mr. Rumsfield is not in charge of the military. The generals are, the President is, and Rumsfield is just a glorified reporter. He's good though. At least he has a sense of humor in the midst of chaos, and if he were in real charge, we would be saying our pledge of allegiance each day to a flag on a pole with Osama's head perched on the top.

Please forgive me for being a total bitch in this barrage of ramble, but you pushed a button within me, and I must shake your hand...it's not easy to get me so high upon the soap box that I actually yell. I appreciate your response, and I hope that within our disagreements we might find a fondness for each other's differences. After all, that is what makes America worth FIGHTING FOR. Just promise me you won't take Cindy Sheehan to the prom :)