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Thursday, July 27

Me & Rev. Smokin Steve - Round Two

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Boy, did I ever open a can of worms :) You are cordially invited to “Me & Rev. Smokin Steve – Round Two”. If you aren’t caught up in our debate, see my original story HERE, and see Steve’s rebuttal HERE. The first part of this story is for Steve, as after all it’s OUR party. However, so many made really quality comments that I will try to respond to some of those too.

I loved the red and blue dialog at your house. And thank you for not really calling me an ignorant slut, Jane could pull that off, but it’s really not me.

I just love being full of shit when I think I’m right. Again, that is a Texan trait. It’s been said that if you took all the bull shit out of a Texan, you could bury one in a matchbox…some truth to that :) Too bad neither Hannity nor Colmes will ever read any of this, they might offer us a job, thank goodness I get to be Hannity so I don’t have to wear the little goofy bow ties.

Steve, visit Austin, that city rocks. Eat at the Magic Time Machine and send me the bill, and then stroll Guadalupe Ave., you would find many friends there. My sister is a nurse in Austin.

I’ve been gone since ’86, but at one time…the wording and law was still in our books to have the right to succeed still if we wanted. The slogan, “Texas – A Whole Other Country” is true and we do live in our own little world in God’s country. Hell, if one state could actually self-sustain itself, I bet a vote would go over, but that’s not even possible, no matter how much bigger everything is in Texas. We need every state in our union to make our country whole. However, I’ve been a Nevadan for some time, and also lived in Mississippi for four years, in fact in Bay St. Louis, ground zero for Katrina. My husband traveled through there in February and took a picture of my old house; it was a roof on the ground with a huge tree lying across it. Nothing else, and it was a beautiful home. I’ve enjoyed all this country has offered me no matter which state I’ve been in. I love the good ‘ole USA.

Damn straight taking out Saddam was and is personal for the Bush’s. However, I honestly believe that the attempted killing of George senior only made the realization of global terrorism against the USA even more pressing for the Bush family. I believe that George has my back as a citizen. I’m glad it’s personal for him. That makes trying to root out this evil that threatens his homeland that he is in charge of even more pressing and that makes me safer. I cannot even fathom what Al Gore or Hilary Clinton would have done in the face of 9-11.

I do agree with you that we should have done more in Afghanistan. But I think what our current administration realizes that the liberal left does not is that this is a big global club these extremists have formed, and like the Knights of the Round Table (only an evil table), we must take them all out. And, no other country is going to do it, we know that. It’s always the USA that has to start and finish the shit. In a perfect world, we would bring all our troops home, CLOSE our borders, and sit back and take care of only us. Let the chips fall where they may for the rest of the world, it’s called life. Not our problem these people live in shitty countries with fucked up heads and radical beliefs. It’s jealousy over our success and wealth (and yes our gluttony and waste that comes with that) that makes these nutjobs hate us in the first place. I say we stay home and spread that wealth among the people that live here and are born here, no matter what color their skin or religious belief. Our melting pot is full; it’s time to close the lid.

I think we were too nice in our war with Afghanistan and Iraq. We needed more shock and awe. Civilian casualties are sad, but damn…it IS WAR. To eliminate them we must blow them off the map. We cannot “damage” them; we cannot blow up their headquarters and chase them off to the hills to regroup. They will always regroup, and each time they will come back with more money, better weapons, and a stronger resolve to carry out their “annihilation of the infidels”. History has proven this for 100’s of years. These whacky packs have suffered centuries of strife, poverty, and general chaos because they can’t even get along with each other. They sit on a rug and face east to pray six times a day and then go pick up a gun and start shooting. Rather than using the last few hundred years to evolve and better their own causes, they have concentrated on using the mass populous to do all the dirty work. A few get into power, and use the masses. They hoard all the money, treat their own people like shit, cover their women in bee-keeper suits, and shoot their daughters for mere disobedience. The powerful use the billions to breed hate, amass weapons, and roam the deserts with plans to destroy the Western civilization. They aren’t afraid ONE BIT about death, in fact they are so retarded they believe that death in the process of hatred based violence is a good thing. They stand in line and sign up for it for Pete’s sake. You CAN’T REASON with that kind of folk. There will NEVER be a diplomatic resolution with people that are certifiably insane fanatics. They must be eliminated.

I am one that truly believes there ARE weapons of mass destruction there still. I think the Afghanistan dudes call up Saddam, who calls up the Syrian dude, and then the Saudi’s are wolves in sheep’s clothing with all the money who answer the phone and help silently underground. Hell, they pass that shit around wherever nobody’s looking. It’s there; we just never found the needle in the sand dune. Not to mention that every news channel in America tells them exactly what we are doing and when. Throughout this war, the mass media has been a “how-to” manual for Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, Hamas, and PLO, and the rest of the little nut job clubs. Al Jezerra TV is a message board for them all.

I agree the war’s a mess right now. We didn’t go in and kick their entire ass when we had a chance. As soon as the politically correct liberal crowd got wind that Bush had the pickup fired up, gun off the gun rack, and his “Don’t Mess With Texas” flag flying we had to stop short and be nice. I’m sorry, I don’t agree with rebuilding anything. They’re lucky we are even willing to help them out by blowing up the bad guys. That’s enough help. We destroy them, you fix what’s left…but I’m not very nice toward the whole picture. I’m damn mad, I’m even more mad that a great number of our citizens were all for kicking ass at first, but think it’s taking too long and now they are tired of it so the bitching begins. I really believe that if we don’t face them over there, they will come here and hit us again. Sorry to say, I think small terror attacks will begin to happen in this country. It scares me. We have the power to take them out, but if we are too nice and take too long, their numbers will grow to a proportion we cannot handle. Then my friends, I’ll be forced to go to the bee-keeper suit sale at Dillard’s to pick out my new government issued attire and throw out all of the perfectly good pork chops in my freezer along with the bacon.

About the oil crisis comments and Halliburton not being stand up. Let’s go back in time to the early eighties…when by the way your buddy Bubba Carter had the hot seat… Oil has been, oh say $33 per barrel for a long time. Every morning on the news, the last rhetoric you hear is, “This morning West Texas Intermediate Crude oil is trading at $33 per barrel, or whatever. One Monday, as I was getting ready for work, I hear the guy say…”This morning, West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil is trading at $9 per barrel. I laughed. I remember telling my husband at the time, “Did you hear that dude? He screwed up, he must be new.” As the day progresses and weeks go by, it was TRUE. Texas was forever changed in the rural western areas where oil is big business. Acres of pump jacks stopped bobbing their heads, by the thousands. In Midland and Odessa (Bush territory), Bubba Carter had allowed the interest rates to soar to an average of 16% on mortgage payments. People literally left their homes, bankrupt, empty, off to try again somewhere else in a new career. Streets and streets of houses were just empty. Nobody looted either. It was sad to see such a bustling area crawl to a ghost town in just a few months. Entire companies went under. So many were fired. Halliburton hung on. They got their people to volunteer to work 3 and 4 day weeks so everyone could at least have a job. The crisis did not get better, and eventually divisions had to close and many did get fired. But the company did all they could for as long as they could. I remember hearing men talk to each other. “You’re so lucky you work for Halliburton…today I got laid off, I have to move my family to survive”. Really sad for a long time. That was my point on that company.

About religion and separation of church and state. There is a need for the separation. However there is NO need for elimination. I am so sick and tired of people trying to change everything our country was founded on so we don’t offend those that don’t want to believe. If you don’t believe…fine! The rest of us do, and in all religions there is a God. Of course I believe in the Christian God, but some believe in others. Use that word God to mean whoever you believe in. Don’t take His name off all the money, or out of the schools. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything. The loss of spirituality in our lives is a big reason for some of our demise as a nation. I believe, but I cannot tell you the last time I attended church. My lifestyle took me away from the organized part of it. I miss it, but my beliefs are instilled in me. I don’t need a building or congregation to pray and try to live right. I lean on my spirituality in the hard times, and I celebrate privately in my heart my spirituality whenever I’m able to make a small difference in someone else’s life. I don’t want my country to eliminate that, it’s not healthy. If I hear something I don’t believe in, I just don’t listen. If I’m at a place where a person of different faith is practicing worship, I respect that. I’m quiet and let them do their thing. Their differences certainly don’t offend me, and I don’t have any need to pass laws to make them stop. Why are people trying to make me stop what I believe? I thought the whole point of this great nation we founded is so we can all do what we want, within reason. I love that old saying, your freedom ends where my nose begins. If we keep it that way, our far left friends should back the fuck down.

I’m sure this is so long now; I’m losing the interest of any reader. I think I’ve covered topics from most everyone’s comments, and I sure appreciate all the comments. It was nice to have some new eyes on my blog.

Last point. It’s fun bantering with Steve and others. I don’t agree with a lot of what Steve believes wholeheartedly. However, I wish him no harm. I don’t have the slightest whim that he should eat shit and die. Differences are what make us strong as a people. Take this message seriously people, get involved. Believe something. VOTE…VOTE…VOTE. So many people sit around and bitch to no end about the state of affairs, but they do not bother to get involved in their communities and vote. If you don’t like the asshole that’s got the job in your community, don’t vote for him next time. And don’t think your one vote doesn’t count. Together, they all count. And if your candidate doesn’t win, guess what, it’s a democracy and sorry, you lost. Regroup and try again in two to four years. And nominate qualified people. In too many elections we find ourselves just trying to salvage the state of affairs by picking the lesser of two evils in the end.