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Tuesday, December 5

Carson City Child Abusers GET MAXIMUM SENTENCE

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Justice was finally served in Carson City. Back in January I posted the horrific story of two children who were found and rescued from an apartment home in which they were held captive and locked in a bathroom and starved for almost five years! The oldest, a 16 year old girl managed to escape, and was reported to authorities when she was spotted walking down the street scantily clad and pushing a shopping cart full of blankets and frozen food, and appeared to be only 8 years old. These disgusting bad excuses for parents said they locked them up in fear they would steal food. When rescued, the 16 year old girl weighed about 40 pounds, and her 11 year old brother weighed only 30 pounds. The children are now doing well, and on a road to recovery and love.

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I think the death penalty would have been more appropriate, but at least each of the egregious offenders received the maximum penalty under the law. The mother Regina Rios was sentenced to 22-55 years in prison. The grandmother Esther Rios was sentenced to 28-70 years in prison. The step-father Tomas Granados received 14-35 years in prison.

Abuser cries in photo below after listening to victim testimony of all the horrid abuse bestowed upon them over the five year period. I say the time for ‘cryin is long over. May you all rot in jail, and if you ever get out, may you rot in hell for eternity.

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