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Saturday, February 10

Akiane - The REAL Deal

Akiane…a true miracle in today’s plastic world of disbelief.

We are all so often bombarded with things either TOO evil to fathom, or TOO good to be true…that it sometimes becomes difficult to know WHEN we actually see or hear something REAL.

I believe God is REAL. He’s VERY REAL, and although I no longer regularly attend church, or go around being “all religious and thump the Bible”… I am very spiritual in my private life and quiet thoughts. I am often very disappointed that those around me don’t ever take the time in a simple moment to realize when they’ve been touched. In the simplest moments of day to day life, often tiny circumstances present themselves that deem the term “blessing”.

I’m also disappointed that in today’s plastic world, miracles and people that should be recognized for a talent so obviously given to them by a Higher Power for a specific purpose often go completely unnoticed. Akiane should NOT go unnoticed.

While she seems a bit naive and a bit TOO purist at first glance…a bit of observance and an open mind will show you that she is most definitely the REAL DEAL. This young woman began to paint “from visions” at the age of six. Her mother was a proclaimed atheist. She was not only shocked at her daughter’s obvious extreme talent, but also taken aback by her tales of Godly visions and visits to heaven in the spiritual sense.

One look at her paintings, and given the facts of her age and background…it can only be explained by a divine intervention. Her story was told on CNN, and the video is available above. The link to her name will also take you to her website. I could not help but be touched by this young woman; I hope you will take three minutes to observe her story first hand.