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Friday, April 6


What is our world coming to? After 44 years of almost daily use of at least one Coca-Cola product, I’m afraid my consumption is OVER. I CANNOT BELIEVE Coca-Cola forced an Italian film maker to change the movie Seven Kilometers From Jerusalem because in one scene a man depicted as a modern day Jesus was drinking a can of Coke.

A line in the movie stated something like, “God, what an endorsement!” Coca-Cola is threatening a law suit, and blocked the Good Friday opening of this movie during Easter season until this film can be edited to remove the scene. Coca-Cola states that their company DOES NOT WANT this KIND OF IMAGE in their product placement. Coca-Cola feels that this image would give their product a bad and negative image. Gee, the Man ONLY GAVE HIS LIFE to save theirs…and this is their thanks.

If the decision of Coca-Cola wasn’t enough, I was also shocked to find that at this link, you may vote on whether or not YOU think Coca-Cola should or should not allow Jesus to be seen drinking their product. At the time I voted, a very disgusting 58% of people said NO. I’m very ashamed of Coca-Cola, I will cease to purchase their products, and I am disappointed in the attitudes of anyone so crass as to vote NO…a real shame…a real sadness. Especially at Easter.

Karma’s a real bitch Coca-Cola. Be very aware of the…