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Tuesday, July 10

Michael Yon - Read TRUTH From Iraq

Irony is a strange thing. Sometimes, when several things happen at once, it’s not a simple matter of circumstance, but more of an omen or a calling from a higher power to provide knowledge or help someone in need. I don’t know where I’ve been, but until recently…I’d never heard of Michael Yon. I have been distraught for a while that I can’t seem to find a place to find ACTUAL TRUTH about what’s happening in Iraq. As karma would have it…in the last few days ironically, I’ve received several e-mails, all with a different subject matter, leading me to a different article from Michael Yon’s website.

Michael Yon is a free lance reporter embedded with the military in Iraq risking his life no less than the soldiers to report to us the TRUTH that our main stream media (MSM) refuses to do. Even our government will not tell us the truth. I still remember seeing from the old days, when you went to a movie, news reels would play from an area of the world where TRUE NEWS needed to be told.

You ABSOLUTELY MUST go to this website and read the truth. I have spent hours perusing the articles and the archives. His efforts are funded solely from readers and normal folk. Yes, I sent him money. I cannot believe that his stories aren’t the sort of thing you hear each day on the morning news. He’s been compared to Ernie Pyle, and I think the reference fits…although I wasn’t around then to know that even in Pyle’s day, truth needed to be told that wasn’t being told by the MSM.

His latest story was entitled Second Chances. TRUTH: al Qaeda has been inviting families to lunch in the hopes to convert them to their beliefs. These families all have a son about 11 years old. As the families are sat down to eat, their sons are brought in on a platter with their mouths stuffed. They have been baked and roasted. al Qaeda serves the family their own child for a meal. Yes, this is going on.

Read the truth. Read true stories of General Petraeus and learn how our soldiers are spending their days…from their eyes and their ears.

The photo at the top of this story and all of Michael Yon's work is copyrighted through Michael Yon 2007. He gets and deserves full credit for it all. I am placing his logo at the top of this story to allow my readers a look at what to see when going to the source for truth. You will all want to link to his stories. There was too much amazing material for me to link or quote, but if you wish to do so on your sites...keep in mind only 75 words may be quoted for authentication.