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Friday, February 15

Personal Safety And Protection

The fact that two Reno people, Doug Henry and Brianna Denison are missing, and the fact that a yet unidentified female body was found in tall grass today in Reno, NV keeps it all on our minds that the crazies are out there, and we all have to be very diligent about our personal safety.

I recently received a personal e-mail from Chief Dan Trelka of the Sturgeon Bay, WI police department. Chief Trelka has a blog dedicated to Personal Safety and Protection. Dan Trelka has a BA in police science, a BS in criminal justice administration, and an MBA in organizational behavior. He is a graduate of the FBI Academy, a Marine Corp veteran, and has been in law enforcement for over 20 years. His belief is that if his blog saves one life, then it is material published that has served a grand purpose. I encourage you to look it over, and be ever mindful of your own actions and how you run about life. We certainly don’t need to run around scared, we just need to run around smart.

Thanks Dan, I appreciate the e-mail and your concern for our community. Some good links on his site are as follows:

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