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Monday, April 28

Duty, Honor, Country: Ode To Ron Paul Supporters

The language of THIS POST was a bit harsh, but I want you to know where I come from. I was in gaming for 20 years, and I know the workings of conventions. It's true, our contract was up, and large venues and companies have to take that sort of thing very seriously due to liability reasons, money reasons, and many other reasons. They were very accommodating to give us 3 hours. I'm sure it took a great deal of time to get a hold of the person at the top who is the only one that can make that sort of decision, no one below that will take that chance on such a monumental decision. It truly goes way beyond the mere thought that if no one else is using it, then we can just have it longer. That process took so long, along with the sad reality that a lot of people were just fed up, that when we had more time, we didn’t have more people.

In an effort to GUARANTEE SAFETY AND LEGITIMACY of cast votes, at the moment the word was given to vacate the room due to contractual expiration (long before the hotel agreed to more time), the votes were sealed and locked in a safety deposit area. That was to protect the rights of everyone, especially Ron Paul supporters, there were NO underhanded thoughts to abruptly stop things in some nefarious effort to make things go "our" way.

Keep this in mind too above all else. Basically NONE of "us" are original McCain supporters. Most of us started out Fred Thompson supporters, and then the great majorities were Mitt Romney supporters after that, but a huge faction supported the likes of Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee too. McCain as well had original supporters; he took third place I believe. We all fought to the death for our favored candidates just as you are doing now. It was only AFTER our choices ran out and it became a true given that John McCain would be the man to get the nomination that we became "McCain Supporters". “We” just had a clear understanding of at which point death is death. At that point, the bigger picture becomes more important. I get the feeling that Ron Paul extremists cannot see the forest for the trees.

There are some years throughout our nation's political history (actually a lot of them) where our choices for President are sadly the lesser of two (or more) evils. That choice is more important than sacrificing the vast importance of our Party and our Conservative beliefs. It's such a shame that we don't have the problem in this nation of having the problem of who to decide who to vote for because they are just both so darned good. It is not that way.

The President of the USA is really a tiny small fish UNLESS he has appropriate cooperation and representation of his beliefs from the seats of city and county governments, the State Assemblies, and State Senates, all the way to the Congressmen, Senators and Governors. The President's hands are TIED and he is rendered USELESS if he cannot get anything accomplished with cooperation of all those thousands of elected officials below him. If Ron Paul truly recognized that, he would drop out of this race. He knows, and all of you fevered Ron Paul delegates also know that there is NO WAY in hell that Ron Paul will get enough delegate votes at the National Convention to win the nomination. And, if Ron Paul DID win the nomination, there is doubly no chance in hell that he could win the Presidency against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. It's just not possible, not this year. So, Dr. Paul would be better served, and so would you as a follower to try that effort again another year when the results could possibly be different.

I’m appalled that as many good things that Dr. Paul stands for, he is NOT TRULY standing for you by dragging this on to its cocksure death. The man you guys love so much is harming you at this point, not helping you. No one says, or for a minute believes that Dr. Paul shouldn’t continue to spread his message and what he believes. He should just do it either another day, or from another venue. Perhaps he could run for Libertarian candidate, or run another time. HE’S NOT HELPING YOU IN THE LONG RUN BY CONTINUING TO DIVIDE THE PARTY AND TAKE THE RISK OF ANY WASTED VOTES FOR A LOSING CONSERVATIVE WHICH IN ESSENSE IS A VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA OR HILARY CLINTON!

The way the planets are aligning themselves this particular election year (and the election in 2 yrs.), is such that so many Republican held positions from House and Senate all the way down to simple local City Councilmen, County & State officials, etc...it would be disastrous for our party to allow the Democrats get hold of the majority. Given term limits of all upcoming seats so broadly across the board, we would literally be pretty much shit out of luck for almost 12 (TWELVE) years if we allow that to happen. It would be wonderful for you and your Dr. Paul if he could win and take the message you hold so dear to the White House. BUT HE CANNOT! We have to pick our fights guys, and we have to try at the very end of a day after all other options are exhausted to know WHEN AND WHICH fights we should lay down. That is the TRUE RESPONSIBILITY of someone who becomes a delegate to represent the citizens of Nevada.

That's why "we" get so riled up at the Ron Paul Supporters. You guys are still one of us you know...Republicans...remember… that's what we are and that's why we got involved...to BEST represent our Republican citizens and our Party. Our Party is EVERYONE OF US that holds conservative views and beliefs strong and vital. This is one of those "hold your nose and vote" years. Sad but true. It is now more important that our citizens have Conservative representation, not that we waste a losing vote on a man that just cannot pull it off this year. You guys fought a great fight; you did it well and with great organization. However, your duty now is to the American people. If we let the Liberals take over, it will be so disastrous to everyone, EVEN the liberals.

The other thing that bothers “us” greatly is our representation by you if you all do get elected as National delegates. With your mentality of chasing Dr. Ron Paul all the way over the cliff at the sacrifice of all of our Conservatism; we wonder what you will do with the REST OF YOUR 5 DAYS at the National Convention. Our platform, by-laws, rules, basic nuts and bolts that keep this Party together is the VAST majority of your responsibility at the National Convention level. The nomination of the Presidential candidate is really just a coronation at that point like it or not, as it is most years by the time the National Convention comes around. The time to fight like a medieval warrior is LONG BEFORE the National Convention. Most election years, the winning nominee has long been determined by the time delegate votes are cast at the final convention.

It's VERY RARE for there to be two really viable candidates by the time National comes. Your duty to resolve and vote on EVERYTHING ELSE is your most important duty as a delegate and a representative of the great State of Nevada. If you guys don't see the big picture now at the State Convention level, and get so wound up with all the whooping and hollering...if winning your one point or two consumes you to the point of an almost mob mentality at the State level...how in the world will you responsibly fulfill your duties as a delegate at the National level? The kind of behavior displayed by many Paul supporters in Reno last Saturday will not be tolerated at the National level for a split second. I don't think a lot of you realize what a HUGE thing it is to be chosen as a National delegate and stand in a room with the National delegates of every state in this union and its provinces like Puerto Rico and Guam. It's HUGE guys...you have the weight of forming the future of the Conservative America on your backs...you must take that job VERY SERIOUSLY and think long and hard about each decision you make and each vote that you cast. Ron Paul will be a mute point at this convention and your role takes on an entirely different form from there. Your duty is also to all of us that voted you in; to all your constituents across every inch of Western Nevada Territory...your duty is to protect your Republican brothers and sisters from Liberalism at all costs. Just think about that as you step onto that floor in Minneapolis. You will be wearing VERY BIG SHOES...wear them responsibly.

It looks like you guys will probably win a LOT of delegates to National, and you won them fair and square. NO ONE said at Saturday's convening that YOU DIDN'T WIN, we simply ran out of time and too many people left. Your ballots were secured and they will be counted as they were cast. I DIDN’T leave and I wouldn't have voted for one of your supporters. I stayed because that's what I signed on to do. A vast number of people stayed. But, when told it's over and we will reconvene...many left. There was nothing underhanded about the way the meeting ended. It's just a shame that our Party can't all unite at this late date under these obvious circumstances and get our business handled in ten hours. I voted to let delegates get nominated from the floor. I just never thought that more than 100 people would be silly enough to try it. I can't believe there were actually 100 people in that room that actually thought 1300 of their "favorite friends & complete strangers" would actually give them a majority vote to win...complete ignorance on the part of a LOT of people.

Just keep all this in mind please. I may not agree with what you say or believe, but I will defend you with my life your right to believe it or say it...as did Mike Weber correctly fight for your rights for as fair a convention as could be had under the circumstances. These choices should be very simple to you at this point, be glad you are not a Democrat. Imagine how difficult it would be to do the right thing for about HALF of the Democratic National Delegates. Their race is neck and neck, but at the end of the day...HALF THOSE DELEGATES at the DNC are going to have to swallow a very large pill and make the choice to keep their bigger picture alive too.

Getting into politics and doing it RIGHT is NOT EASY. It's a hard row to hoe to do the right thing at the end of many difficult days. But it is your duty if you so chose this lot. It is BY the PEOPLE, and FOR the PEOPLE that matters most, ALL THE PEOPLE.

For those that I offended, there truly is no intent...I just get SO FRUSTRATED that I don't feel the winners of our State's National Convention delegate seats are going to properly represent the true majority of Nevadans. Bad choices on that day will invalidate Nevada completely and be detrimental to all of Nevada's families. I don't want to see that happen to our state or to our party. So "we" (McCain VOTERS...NOT NECESSARILY die hard SUPPORTERS) want you to see that and take it very seriously to heart. Nobody in Nevada will truly get their druthers this year, but we can certainly NOT ALLOW our core beliefs to be shattered down to the bone by left wing liberals. PLEASE TAKE THAT TO HEART AND PLEASE TAKE THAT TO MINNEAPOLIS!

Lastly in this rant, I want to give you the exact words from the man who stood up for your rights (and ours) at the State Convention. I don’t even personally know Mike Weber or his dedicated wife who serves as one of our county commissioners. But I know he’s a man that stands up for the bigger picture. It is a gift, talent, and duty to have a certain kind of vision to represent many for a complete cause. Mike Weber takes his position very seriously and knows that if at the end of a day if the best interest of all has been served, then it has been a good day. I think that is why he has become such a custodial steward in his mind and in his heart of Robert’s Rules of Order. On any given day if 50% + 1, or in some cases a 2/3 majority has been properly served, then the due diligence of a representative has been done. Keep in mind that in ALL those situations 49% less one, and 1/3 of the people didn’t see their favorite flag fly on those same days. Take that with you to Minneapolis as well. Here are the exact words of Mike Weber to me, (another complete stranger to him as well) in a personal e-mail he sent from my blog…

"Blog Response


I got sent a link to your blog. I appreciate your candor. I am honored by your understanding that I was just trying to do what was right. You were right in your understanding that I am not a Ron Paul delegate. I was for Fred Thompson, then Duncan Hunter. I did not have a dog in Saturday's fight, but I was not going to allow the rights of ordinary Republicans to be trampled in the convention process. Most came to participate on a fair and level playing field. Most came to vote for the delegates of their choice, not a preselected slate. If the Ron Paul supporters had enough delegates and were better organized, then they deserved to win and not be cheated in the process. I am not making any accusations about Party leaders or Bob Beers. Bob Beers is a friend of mine even after Saturday. I think those in control of the podium took the only option they had at that moment even though I view it as illegitimate.

I hope we've re-built a foundation to do things honorably in the Nevada Republican Party.

Feel free to reproduce/forward this e-mail as you choose."