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Sunday, April 27

Ron Paul Supporters Show True Colors At Nevada GOP Convention

As I stated in THIS STORY, the Nevada Republican State Convention was compromised and put into chaos not in one moment, but over hours and hours of stupid trivial interruptions by rabid Ron Paul supporters. I stumbled on these videos quite by accident from the internet, but these people do not portray the actual truth, just what they in their Ron Paul fervor interpret it to be.

Keep in mind that the man at the microphone is an expert in parliamentary procedure and is merely trying to hold this convention together after hours and hours of chaos. Any sarcasm in his voice is just that. The sarcasm eludes to an opinion that he might be on the side of these moonbats. He is NOT. But he is fair, and will fight for fair and equitable proceedings even to the cost of his own reputation. I commend him, he organized an attempted coup, he gave the moonbats their fair day on the floor, and there was just not enough people to have a quorum and it IS TRUE. This mess took so long that the contract for the meeting hall had expired and we had to leave. The hotel did grant us extra time if necessary, but there were not enough seated delegates left after the chaos to hold a quorum, so recess was the only option.

The chairman of the convention, Senator Bob Beers did the best he could under extreme circumstances. When he was told that our time was up and we needed to vacate the meeting hall in a reasonable amount of time, and he could see that no vote could be accomplished in a quick time, he called a recess. In actuality, he was physically threatened by Ron Paul extremists and had to be escorted from our convention by the Sergeant of arms and by hotel security to his car. "Isn't that something to make you proud as a Republican?"...disgusting behaviour!

These people don't even know enough about their own process that they got involved in and elected to, to know that the nominations committee had some of their representatives included and many pre-chosen delegates WERE Ron Paul supporters. How many delegates did they expect? It costs about $8000 of one's personal money to travel to the national convention. These bandwagon riding morons are so hungry to spend that kind of money to run to the National Convention to vote for a loser. They already had a few on the list, a few more WOULD NOT CHANGE THE OUTCOME THAT RON PAUL WILL LOSE! But it was more important to them to run around and cause chaos than it was to accomplish real business.

YES, many people got fed up and left. The empty room you see in the following videos however were shot AFTER THE CHAIRMAN OF THE CONVENTION CALLED A RECESS AND TOLD PEOPLE THE CONVENTION WOULD BE RECONVENED AT A LATER DATE!

Ron Paul people WOULDN'T LEAVE...even knowing that the hotel had warned that our time was up! Mike Weber stepped in and through proper rules defined in Robert's Rules of Order (which are adopted in the RNC by-laws), made formal and as fairly as possible the ensuing chaos. I SO COMMEND him, this was done at great detriment to his reputation and his nature. But, he did it properly, there WAS NO QUORUM, and we left.

The following videos are mere excerpts of the aftermath, and the attempts to call some order to a basic "mob mentality", and in NO WAY portray the general course of the entire day. There were MANY parts of this convention that were good, exciting, beautiful, and productive. Many courses of business WERE able to be handled this day, just NOT the election of National Delegates. I hope these morons are happy. They are certainly NOT the rule, but the exception of the normally exceptional people that make up our RNC. They are closet liberals and Democrats if you ask me and just don't have a clue or a grasp on the bigger picture. These people live for a bandwagon to ride on or a coattail to cling to, and they don't grasp reality. BUT, these kind of people are also the kind of people that make up "Reality TV".

Following is reality TV at its worst. It just goes to show, a film clip here and a film clip there can really SPIN matters in to a light that is false, mis-leading, and drive-by. And our soldiers abroad are fighting and dying to give these types their freedom to rant. They have the right to rant and they have every right to love Ron Paul. It's just a shame that they didn't even realize that given peace and decorum, they had already won, but due to their doubt of that and their ignorance...they compromised an entire State Convention and made fools of themselves.

I stayed behind to watch all this transpire. Heck, I even saw myself standing around amongst empty chairs in one of these videos to try and see what would happen. So, despite what they say, NOT ALL MCCAIN supporters vacated. Some of us stuck around to see WTF! Many of the people I see in these videos I know were McCain supporters and delegates that just wanted to stick it out and see if some result could be found.

Get these facts straight now my readers:

  • There WAS an inclination that some counties felt they didn't get an opportunity to nominate delegates to the National Convention.
  • In the interest of fairness YES, the 2/3 or 50% +1 majority of the body voted to allow some extra nominees to the National Level. Who knew these idiots would add OVER 100 people to the list!
  • At the COUNTY CONVENTION LEVEL there were forms to fill out to nominate NATIONAL DELEGATES. I'm assuming ALL Nevada counties had the same opportunity, they should have.
  • There is a NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE comprised of a BALANCED GROUP OF REPUBLICAN DELEGATES AND VOTERS that reviewed ALL nominees. This committee comprised a list of the most qualified applicants from all factions of our party and from all counties. Ron Paul supporters had delegates on this list.
  • 31 seated delegates will be voted upon to sit at the National Republican Convention.
  • From that point, 22 additional delegates are chosen "at large". That means that the remaining delegates seated can be from any county and any congressional district. It's ONLY required that an even three from each congressional district are mandated in the interest of fairness. When all of a sudden over 100 people are added to the list, and over 1300 people have to cast hand written ballots, you can only imagine the hand written cumbersome obligation for a few to count those correctly in a timely manner. You do the math...1300 x 100 + the list that was already pre-composed! Not an easy task on scratch paper ad lib and on the spot!
  • When the "supposedly disenfranchised" Ron Paul supporters found nominees could come from the floor, they didn't even think, they just swarmed to self-nominate and over-nominate over 100 people.
  • That, among everything else they complained about all day caused hours of delay. They played the delay game to a tee, and in the end caused enough disruption that we ran out of time. And they say "we caused a coup!" Their own statements in the following videos merely affirm their ignorance of the process and their own ignorance in general. Just another bunch of picket walkers, sign carriers, and basic liberal party poisoners. These people would jump off a bridge if Ron Paul jumped first, or they would jump first to show their loyalty to him just to see if he would.
  • The guy in the final videos doesn't even know who Dean Heller is. He calls him a Senator, Governor, whatever...he's our fine Congressman...please ranters...before you go off to make videos, get your facts straight and be able to speak sense. His spewing on his home video just goes to show the type of people we were dealing with at this convention.
  • These people are the Victim People. They don't truly understand Democracy. They cannot handle losing, and no matter how something goes, the other guy is always out to get them. If they spent nearly as much time trying to be productive in their daily lives as they do trying to promote their victimology, they would actually be very successful people.
UPDATE: I had originally embedded 6 important videos here. The embedding of these videos is causing this blog page to load EXTREMELY SLOWLY. I have been contacted by many regarding this problem. I've taken the videos out and replaced them with LINKS directly to them. I hope this resolves the problem and more readers can access this information more quickly.

VIDEO 1: Out of Time @ Meeting Hall

VIDEO 2: After Recess Chaos

VIDEO 3: Paul Supporter Attempts Explanation Part 1

VIDEO 4: Paul Supporter Attempts Explanation Part 2

VIDEO 5: Paul Supporter Slams Patriot Fund

VIDEO 6: Ron Paul Speech

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