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Tuesday, May 20

Michael Moore's Crime: Michael Moore GUILTY of Pornography - Michael Yon OWNS PROOF

When I first discovered MICHAEL YON I had long ago made up my own mind as to my feelings on our war(s). I was however distraught that I could NEVER find any actual true reporting of the real war, its repercussions, benefits, real progress or digress. When I stumbled across Michael Yon’s blog quite by accident, I introduced him to my readers HERE and then again HERE.

As horrible as war is, I have always known that our original decision to go to war was valid. Our war(s) has not been perfect. Some believe we went on false pretenses of weapons of mass destruction. Some believe that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. Radical terrorism is the reason we went to war, its threat is still valid and sure. Good, bad, or indifferent, this war is real, the reasons our nation went there are justified, and victory through a definitive end with a more stable and moderate Islam Nation(s) is paramount. OUR MEDIA HAS NEVER portrayed this war(s) with truth, objectivity, or with any thought to actuality.

Michael Yon however is THERE. He has told the truth without thought to taking sides. He went as a journalist; he had no side through that venue and that self. He sees it, photographs it, and tells it just like it is. I’ve long been amazed that he can be in such horrible or beautiful places and still print news giving each side the truth. Again; good, bad, or indifferent…Michael Yon just “calls ‘em like he sees ‘em” EXACTLY.

By tragic coincidence, Mr. Yon captured a photograph of a lifetime. One of his photos is likened to the Iwo Jima photo that lives so famous today many years after WWII. After yet another homicide bombing, he captured an American soldier carrying a baby girl named Farah. So many were saved that day, but Farah didn’t make it. She touched all around her, she was a soul lost sadly in a war. But her death had nothing to do with our war. She was killed by radical Muslim bombers that blow up their own people on a daily basis.

Michal Moore, the left wing moonbat took this photo and made it part of his website banner. Mr. Michael Yon asked him to remove it as he had no permission to put it there. Michael Moore has not removed it, but keeps portraying it in a way not respectful or in design with its true meaning.

While we all agree with free speech and the openness of the internet; and we all know that images are easily re-produced and are basically free; the simple truth remains that without permission, and if asked; one should remove content from any website that the author doesn’t approve or want there.

As with all Michael Yon stories, his public response to Michael Moore’s defecation on Farah and her image speaks volumes to his fair reporting and the real objective observation to left wing liberalism and its destruction to the coverage of our wars and our truth.

Might I invite you ALL to READ THIS AWESOME “bashing” of Mr. Michael Moore given with the debonair eloquence and fairness that only objective journalists like Michael Yon who embody all that is Conservative and fair can give. Sticks and stones may break your bones while words “won’t hurt you”, but TRUTH does hurt sometimes and I see Michael Moore GUILTY OF WAR PORN in this article and deservedly so. Frankly, ALL of Michael Moore’s sad ramblings are porn of one sort or another in my eyes. Michael Yon’s explanation of Moore’s infraction: Michael Moore's Crime, and his fair assessment of Moore’s right to try only strengthens my belief in the truths he brings us from the front lines of our war.

When you CLICK THIS LINK and see what he’s talking about…do Michael Yon the favor of NOT giving Michael Moore negative comment or negative attacks at his website. This is Yon’s fight and he plans to handle it civilly and respectfully. Anyway, given enough rope, Michael Moore and all far left liberals will hang themselves. It needs to be known by all though that if we give them that rope, they’ll snatch up the rest of us in their hanging!

If you would like to hear the REAL TRUTH IN IRAQ then I encourage you to buy Michael Yon’s book “MOMENT OF TRUTH IN IRAQ”. You’ll never get a truer picture of actual events throughout this war than you will within this book, or by reading MICHAEL YON DISPATCHES that can be found at MICHAEL YON ONLINE. His efforts are solely funded by him, or by donation. He does not get support from any group or political affiliation.

Keep up the fight Michael; you are an inspiration to us all!