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Wednesday, November 26

Brianna Denison's Killer Arrested

While bittersweet for the family that will not celebrate Thanksgiving with Brianna this year...her killer was arrested and our city will certainly give thanks for that this season.

James Michael Biela, 27 was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of Briana Denison. Brianna was kidnapped last December when Biela spotted her asleep on the couch through a glass door. Her body was found in January 2008 dumped in a field here in Reno. Two pair of intwined women's thong panties were found near her body. DNA evidence collected at both scenes matched DNA found on another victim who had been attacked but were able to escape.

Biela, a pipefitter by trade left Reno in March 2008 to take a job in Washington state. He sold his white Toyota pickup in that interim that matched the description of the truck law officials were hunting down in this area. The vehicle was sold in Idaho, but officials have now obtained that vehicle and have it as evidence.

In September 2008, Biela's girlfriend and a companion travelled to Washington to help James move back home. The girlfriend's female companion found petite thong panties in his vehicle. When confronted, James Biela stated he had stolen them from a laundrymat in Washington.

A call was later made to the Secret Witness program of Reno suggesting to law enforcement that James Biela might be a likely suspect in the Brianna Denison case. Biela was questioned, but denied any involvement, refused to submit DNA, and stated his girlfriend would provide an alibi. The girlfriend was questioned, and stated they had a tulmutous relationship. She admitted that even though she and Biela had a child together; it was common for him to leave for days at a time, and she could not account for his wherabouts during the time Brianna Denison went missing or was found.

Police obtained DNA from the four year old child of Biela and found a linking match. After further investigation a warrant was issued and following analysis, Biela's DNA proved to be a match in both pending cases ongoing in Reno.

A ten month search is over finally. Beautiful Brianna may now rest in peace knowing her killer has been found. Bring Bri Justice has been a cry throughout Reno for months. We'll see. While DA Richard (Dick) Gammit "says" he'll leave the death penalty option on the table...4 murders have been committed in Reno just in the last few months, and another 3 murders occured last Halloween. Most gang related, and pre-meditated...Gammit did not seek the death penalty with any of the captured murderers. Let's hope he rights those wrongs in this case. It's never too late to begin seeking true justice in Washoe County!

Developments are fast changing in this case, so keep up to date at RGJ.com (Reno Gazette Journal)...


5brett390 said...

Brianna...Rest in Peace