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Wednesday, November 26

Lucky To Be American - STOP Doom & Gloom

Look folks... We; as in WE THE PEOPLE voted by a majority to elect a new President...not necessarily accounting for the mentality of the majority...I'm just saying...the majority won. Just because I don't have high hopes that we're in for a cherry pickin' next four years doesn't mean the FREAKING WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!

We're in for some hard times for sure...but we've got to STOP all the doom and gloom! The markets have fallen by soaring numbers...it's like a SALE at Macy's or even Wal-Mart! The media wants you to believe that Chicken Little let the sky fall upon you! It hasn't! In a capitalist society, we're just correcting things back to where they should have been. None of this is OUR fault...but WE MUST now take notice and make sure THEY don't have the chance again to shove a cattle prod up our butts more than once. WE THE PEOPLE...not just me and you...but EVERYBODY must make it a priority to keep up on what "they" are up to! NIMBY must become a household word (Not In My Back Yard).

ALSO remember that as Spock taught us...in a true society...the needs of the many sometimes outweigh the needs of the one or the few. BUT NOT if the one or the many aren't contributing to the greater good! In my world NOBODY ever gets bailed out. Outside what little my parents could do for me ONCE in my youth and only to the extent they had the capital and the $$$ to do so...IF I SCREWED UP...too bad...so sad...sucked to be me. Where they had no money to help a dumb ass...they didn't! My folks taught me through example that "screw it up bad enough...you're on your damn own...not MY problem you didn't listen to what I taught you!"

Did ANY of your folks ever tell you "We're not MADE of money you know!" Neither is the USA. Just because USA owns a printing press and will print dollars...you CANNOT keep drawing blood out of turnips. I cannot even fathom what these multiple "bail-outs" might really do to our economy or our children's/grandchildren's lives. I know THIS...it hasn't all happened yet, so keep fighting. I also know that we'll live through it! I lived through Jimmy Carter who WRECKED THIS NATION. Possibly Obama will too...but I'm even savvy enough to know that without an administration, House & Senate that allowed it...Jimmy Carter by himself wasn't enough as one man to do the damage he did. Keep your EYES & EARS on your establishment. Obama alone cannot take us down...BOMBARD YOUR CONGRESS and keep THEM accountable to WE THE PEOPLE.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or anything in between...STOP BELIEVING everything you are told on TV! The CRAP ALL OF YOU are buying into is driving the markets DOWN farther, plunging everyone into deeper circumstances, and quite frankly making it harder and harder for responsible folk to just keep on keeping you employed and keeping our own heads above water.

I'm a Southerner by raising and when someday my dead ass reaches the Pearly Gates the FIRST thing I'm gonna' say to the Lord is THANK YOU that I was raised in Texas. I can actually live in a tent or in a mansion and be happy in either. Beyond that; FOLKS...stop dyin' on the vine! Didn't ANYBODY ever throw you from a horse? Didn't ANYBODY ever throw you a tough curve ball? Didn't ANYBODY EVER LEAVE YOU TO YOUR OWN DOIN'S' AND MAKE YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEM?

Keep YOURS and YOU and what you hold dear and near to your hearts up front! Markets be damned, crisis be damned, keep your heads up and don't believe everything you hear, AND don't think that just BECAUSE our dumb ass GOVERNMENT might give you a free ride...NOTHING IS FREE! YOU'LL PAY THE PIPER FOR SURE...EVEN THOSE ON WELFARE!

WHEN we the people understand that simple concept...NOTHING IS FREE...we'll get back to center a bit.

WE STILL HAVE THE POWER! Idiots may be running your show at the moment, but 4 years is a short span of history in the short run. REMEMBER the President is but a figure head! Without your House & Senate of sound mind...the President can't do "much". At least in 4 years.

Our nation's PEOPLE are paying attention more than ever. If the new Obama administration doesn't perform to your liking...VOTE OUT anybody that folds in two years and then again in four. But for the meantime...HALT THE ARMAGEDDON talk! Anything is possible, but let's not make much ado about something until it actually happens please. IF it happens, let's come cocked to rock and dismantle what's in the way of Our America!

I know there are a LOT OF US out here with eyes and ears peeled...but UNTIL something actually happens...CHILL for a few days folks! Have some turkey for Thanksgiving. REMEMBER what you are thankful for and for God's sake...keep fighting for those simple things. And for God's sake...send a special THANK YOU to the folks that actually DIED to give you what you have to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

Remember THIS VIDEO above...as I said...I'm a Southern gal from the Great State of Texas. I don't know where this man is from...but I've lived this and I agree with him! WE ARE STILL LUCKY TO BE AMERICANS! NEVER FORGET THAT!