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Saturday, May 9

Spring Planting in Reno

Oh...Lawdy, Lawdy, Miss Clawdy! I don't have a green thumb...not even a brown one LOL! I have a BLACK thumb hahaha!

Last year, I damn near killed myself trying to have the perfect yard, since I'd just moved into this neighborhood, into this beautiful home...and I bought FLATS of FLOWERS that I just could never get around to planting.

I planted sometimes 60 per day! Then...I was DONE...and didn't plant more for many days...therefore some I'd purchased...died in the garage...never having seen the light of day :) "Don't even tell me you've never done that....I won't believe you LOL!"

This year...I decided (my 2nd Spring in this home)...I'd do it different :) THIS YEAR...I will ONLY purchase 12 per day...as twelve can be done in a quick hour or so...still get dinner out...still watch a movie...etc...LOL...

TODAY...I wake up to this beautiful day and finally think FLOWERS! I KNOW it's MAY 9th, the very day before Mother's day...but in Reno....you still pray on May 9 you might NOT have yet another 3-4" snow yet to come LOL :) (It HAS snowed here on July 4th before)...

I'm looking out the window of my office, and the snow is ALL GONE (for now) on Peavine Mt. The old folk have always told me NEVER plant before the snow is off Peavine :) Sad truth is... Peavine has been naked twice already...I just decided at May 9...maybe it will STAY naked :)

I went to the flower store...and yep...they were all JUST SO BEAUTIFUL...I couldn't do with 12. I purchased 24 that HAVE to be planted. I purchased two "buckets" of flowers that can just be placed and watered :) (I like those...less work for me LOL)...

I dug 24 holes. I fertilized 24-4" deep holes. I then planted 24 separate flowers. I then covered 24 holes. I then sprinkled 24 holes with rich soil. I then mixed appropriate feeding water for 24 holes. I placed my "batched flowers" upon my posts... I'm not sure they don't look hokey...but they smell good and I love them :) I asked my husband...he said it was OK... then my neighbor came out and said they looked nice...but standard gardner brown plastic buckets on stucco posts...I'm not sure. I like them...but some in this neighborhood are all about the realism...

After I planted 24 flowers...I look back at my bushes...and it doesn't like I did much of anything! 24 flowers doesn't go very far...Much Planting Ahead in my future :)

I KNOW MY TEXAS & RENO FRIENDS WILL TELL ME THE TRUTH....do my bucket flowers look OK on my posts at the front of the house? LOL...thanks for your input :)

I finished my task...but decided...I should stick to 12 per day... I will post more pictures as our summer goes on.